16 Easter Treats For You and Your Kids!


Easter is always a fun holiday for kids!  There are so many bright colors and so many fun crafts and treats you can make with bunnies and chicks!  I love Easter and getting to bake some delicious homemade treats!  This year I thought it would be fun to round up 16 of my favorite Sweet […]

Glazed Lemon Mini’s

cwm lemon minis2

There were a couple of quick, sweet, treats I remember from childhood – the marshmallows wrapped in refrigerated biscuit dough and these delectable lemony treats.  Although baked like a mini muffin they are dipped into a sugary glaze while still warm  which transforms them into something more like a cross between a muffin and a […]

4 Delightful DIY Sugar Scrubs for Super Soft Legs

DIY Scrub Recipe

Are your legs looking a little dull? Not as soft and smooth as they used to be? Well my friends, I have the answer! Surprisingly, it’s not voodoo, snake oil or human sacrifice. It’s something you can make at home with your own two hands! Sugar scrubs are a great way to liven up your […]

6 Easy Date Nights For The Busy Couple

at  home comedy show

Guest Post by Bryanda of Quirky, Brown Love! After working a long week, it can be hard to commit to a date night every week, but it is important to do so to keep your relationship going strong! When most people think of date night, the first thing that comes to mind is dinner and a […]

5 Tips for Easy Leaf Clean Up

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get your yard looking pretty awesome again!  You may have thought that all the yard care work you did last fall would pay off this spring. You got all the leaves raked and the roses covered only to be faced with more leaves.  Before I became a […]

Lucky Shamrock Shake just in time for St. Patrick’s Day


I am so ready for Spring! Are you just as excited about spring as I am?  I cannot wait for it to warm up. The weather has been kind of gloomy and has rained all of this week – no sunshine for days.  The one positive thing I can take away from this however is […]

What to Know if You’re Going to a Baseball Game


Another baseball season is upon us. Spring training is already well under way and opening days across the nation will start in the next few weeks. Baseball is one of the greatest American past times and one that deserves to be experienced in person at least once in life. If you’re lucky enough to live […]

Cheap Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Car

Kids Car Travel

Family road trips can be a great bonding experience and a fun way to travel together, but they can also be a little grating. Growing up, my siblings and I used to get on each other’s nerves around hour three on the road, and the same thing is true of my own kids today. My […]

Make a Large Space Feel Intimate with These 6 Steps

Rustic Kitchen

  You did it! You finally upgraded from your small living space to a spacious home. As you unload the final box, though, you start to get a little bit worried. Do you have enough to fill this humongous house? It turns out that moving into a bigger place can unlock a whole new set […]

How to Keep Your Car Clean with Kids

clean car

  There are a lot of things that seem never ending when you have kids, from diaper changes to the line of empty juice boxes. But for me, the biggest never-ending struggle is a dirty car. My kids seem to bring a mess wherever they go, and it all accumulates in the car. After some […]

Keep Warm with this Hot Toddy Margarita

hot toddy

One of our favorite drinks to sip on during the colder months of the year is one that warms me up and give me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside and a Hot Toddy never lets me down.. I just love a good hot toddy. It’s the perfect drink to sip and enjoy during chilly […]

A Dream Vacation to Dubai


My girlfriends and I were recently talking about where we would go on a dream vacation anywhere in the world. The typical responses were thrown out: Paris, Hawaii, Australia. But my answer was one that surprised my friends: Dubai. Yes, that’s right —Dubai! Isn’t that place unsafe or just for rich, old people? Hear me […]