Family-Friendly Movie Night Dinner: Hot Dog Tacos

This post is sponsored by Coca-Cola. Like for a lot of families, Fridays are movie night—but at our house we put a little twist on it. We like to take turns choosing the snacks and what to eat. This time around, it was the boys’ turn to decide. Tonight, the boys wanted to try something […]

Coca-Cola Big Game Ad “Going All The Way” + $100 Giveaway

Let’s be honest: the Super Bowl is great, but the best part isn’t the actual game, it’s the commercials. Every year I watch with anticipation for the most entertaining, endearing, and creative commercials, and I am never disappointed. During this year’s game, Coca-Cola will be debuting one of their two 60-second spots, “Going All The […]

Family Food and Coca Cola

    If you ask anyone I know, they will tell you that I love everything and anything that’s all about Coca Cola. Coke and food have always been part of my family traditions and aside from being a America’s favorite beverage, Coke can also be used as a “secret” ingredient used when cooking.  I haven’t […]

Paying It Forward with Coca-Cola and the Artic Home Campaign

    Sometimes we  get so caught up with work and busy holiday details that we forget what the holidays are truly about. Since giving is something that comes natural to me, I wanted to encourage the folks around me to to take a moment to  really remember what’s the reason behind the season and help spread the joy of […]

Living the Life of a Mama Bear with Her Cubs

    There are so many times in life when I feel like such a “Mama Bear” and it always such a great feeling!  Being a Mama Bear can also be cool, especially a Coca-Cola Mama Bear.   I work form home and it is an entirely different ball game than one might think.  When working from home you have to juggle […]

Coca Cola Is Turning The Iconic Red Coke Cans “White”

    Hello Everyone! I have some exciting news I want share!  I’ve  been chosen to be a Coca-Cola Mama Bear and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ve been a part of other initiatives in the past but this one is such a heart warming campaign that has perfect timing for the holidays.  Together, through the […]