How to Keep A Car Care Calendar

Take care of your car, so that it takes care of you. A well-maintained car enables you to reach your destination safely without any fuss every single time. Save money by keeping a proper maintenance schedule. Before you start scheduling car maintenance appointments, it is best to refer to the owner’s manual. The manufacturer recommends […]

Best Practices for Driving in A School Zone

School zones ensure the safety of children in and around schools. As a driver, you are responsible for following the rules and regulations of driving in a school zone. What is a school zone? A school zone is an area near the school. The zones have designated special signs with reduced speed limits.   Rules […]

How to Be A Courteous Driver

If you want to be a responsible driver, you not just follow rules of the road but be courteous to others. The roads will be completely safe for driving if we treat other drivers the way we would like to be treated. When you make an effort to be courteous, your drive becomes less stressful […]

How to get rid of Pet Smells in Your Car

Pets love riding in the car along with their owners. The unfortunate part is that the car will start smelling a bit after your pet has taken a trip. Removing the pet smell from your car is simple but will require just a little bit of effort. Now that summer is approaching, traveling with dogs […]

What to Look for When You Test Drive a Car?

Test drive a car to see how the vehicle performs. This can also enable you to find out whether you are comfortable with the steering, brakes, suspension, drivetrain and other important systems of the car. Before you show up at a dealer, decide on the type of car you are interested in. Do your homework […]

How to Buy a Car with A Tax Refund?

The federal tax refund on an average is $3,000. This can be used to buy a car of your dreams. Irrespective of whether you want to buy a new or used car, you can make use of the tax refund to do so. The money can be used to make part of the down payment. […]

How Does Refinancing a Car Benefit You?

Refinancing a car loan is appealing if you can benefit from it. The process of refinancing involves paying off an existing car loan and replacing it with a new loan. The new agreed terms including interest rates and loan tenure. The new loan is often with a different lender. Low Interest Rates One of the […]

How to Refinance Your Car Loan?

Car loan refinance is a good idea as it can help save thousands of dollars in the long run. If the current car loan interest rate is high, it is best to consider refinancing. The steps to successfully refinance your car loan include: Collect Relevant Documents Before you start the process of refinance, you need […]

Everyday Habits to Help Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

Do you know that a vehicle break-in happens every 10 seconds? In most instances the vehicle break-in happens because you provide the thieves an opportunity to do so. Simple everyday habits can go a long way in preventing this. Close the Windows and Lock the Doors Properly A simple habit of closing all the windows […]