3 Tops Apps for You Next Road Trip

Getting on the road for you annual family road trip can be exciting.  You’ve made all the preparations and have been looking for this day all year. Before planning a road trip, it is mandatory to keep a check on few things such as map, restaurants, fuel check, maintaining your car and other things. There’s […]

Prepping Your Car for Summer Travel

The kids are getting out of school for summer break and that is a good indication that summer vacations are on the way! Summertime screams vacation, warm weather, beaches and lots memorable times. However, not everyone has the budget to hop on a plane with you have a family of four or more. So in […]

Road Trippin? What Should Pack In Your Car

Whether it’s your very first road trip or you’ve made several road trips, your prepping your vehicle isn’t the only thing you need to do for prep, it’s also smart to make sure your car is equipped with the right gear. There are some things you’ll want to have on board. Don’t Forget to Pack… […]

How to handle roadside emergencies

Hundreds of roadside emergencies occur each and every day throughout the world, whether it’s something minor like a flat tire or something as major as a car crash. Besides remaining calm and not panicking, which is absolutely vital in such a situation, you need to know a couple of things if you are to deal […]

Caring for your Car’s Interior

You car’s exterior isn’t the only thing you have to keep clean and shiny. The interior, the place you’ll be spending all your time in, is just as important if not more. A well-kept interior adds more quality and a better feel inside the cabin, resulting in more comfort and ultimately even safety. Don’t worry, […]

Best Family Cars of 2017

Finding and choosing the perfect car for you and your family can be harder than you thought. Most manufacturers want a piece of the pie that is the vast family car segment, but not all of them are equal. Some are better than others, which is to be expected, but it does raise the question: […]

How to drive a manual car

Driving a manual is not as hard as it looks, nor as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. It requires practice to get absolutely right every time and not judder the car when setting off, but it’s mostly muscle memory after a while. We’ve decided to compile this article with the hopes of […]

How to Become a Better Driver

What separates a good driver from a bad driver? His ability to react to any situation without panicking, in a calm and assertive manner. Driving a car involves more than just knowing the road signs or getting behind the wheel of one. To become a truly good driver, there are a couple of things you […]

Taking Care of Your Car’s Exterior

Have you ever wondered how some cars manage to retain a showroom fresh paintjob even after years and years of constant service? Withstanding rain, storms, sun damage and even small chips from stones? Well the answer is proper exterior maintenance. There are lots of preventative steps you can take to ensure you car’s paint remains […]