5 signs you are embarrassing your teen

     Written By CocktailsWithMom.com  Teen Contributor, April   As a teenager, let me enlighten all you parents out there about how hard it is to climb the steep and tiresome ladder that is our social life. People do not make friends based on ‘personality’ anymore; they make friends based on popularity. And let me […]

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?

  WARNING:  YOU ARE ENTERING AN H.I.Z. – HIGHLY IRREVERENT ZONE.   Now that I spend most of my spare time glued to parenting blogs and mommy message boards, and have a number of fellow blogging buds, I have become much more aware of the online attack mob, comin’ to git the author of a […]

15 Things You MUST Tell A New Mom!

1.     You will want to squeeze your child.  Hard.  Sometimes out of a love so intense your heart could burst right out of your chest.  And sometimes because you are so frustrated you would gladly put that little person up on Craigslist. 2.     Allow a ludicrous amount of time to do all things.  It CAN […]