The Information Super Highway Is Getting Even Super-er

How do you make the information Super Highway even more super? Judging from the latest moves from the FCC, we’ll all be finding out very soon. Two rulings have radically altered the broadband landscape. The one that captured all the headlines was the Net Neutrality ruling. Put simply, all Internet traffic must be treated equally. […]

5 Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi Everywhere

The way our lives work today, it would seem like we can’t survive without being hooked to the internet. Like it has morphed into some sort of a digital life line that we could not go through our day without. I mean, how can you upload the super adorbs shot you took of your little […]

How The Internet Actually Works

    You make 100’s of internet requests a day (searching for something on Google, using an application, etc.) and you still don’t understand how it works! The general process is almost always the same. It does’t matter if you are making requests on an enterprise SIP Network or connected on your personal network. Provided […]

Fun Edutainment for Kids

    In today’s high tech world, it’s easy to keep kids entertained—but keeping them engaged in learning can be much tougher. Instead of banning computer games in favor of traditionally educational activities, blend the two worlds by giving your kids stimulating and enjoyable edutainment options they will love. The options for educational games are […]

GetNoodles Web-Based Educational Software Program

  Hey Mommas!  Remember I told you guys if I ever came across anything I think  may wanna know about or NEED to know about I would make sure I let you know?  Well, I found this very neat program I wanted to share with you.   It’s called GetNoodles!   GetNoodles is basically a web-based software that helps to make your […]