How to Stay Healthy While Working at Home

        Working from home is every mom’s dream but it can be your body’s worst nightmare. Staying healthy is hard enough when working outside of the home; however, working inside of the home can create unhealthy habits that need to be solved rather quickly or even prevented. We all have our tricks to try […]

Relaxing Sunday: Favorite Relaxation Quotes

    Sundays are my days to “relax” and spend some quality time with myself.  It is also a day of reflection and spending time with my family. It is my day to take it slow, unwind and do absolutely nothing!  but most of the time I end up doing what I enjoy the most […]

Exercise is Medicine

  Can’t I Just Take a Pill? Let’s face it: most of us wake-up absurdly early and hit-the-hay way too late.  The time in between, called life, is so busy and so focused on everyone else that the last thing on our list is squeezing in a workout.  Instead, we rely on a cocktail of […]