5 Free Alternatives to YouTube That You Probably Don’t Know About

When most people think “video,” they think YouTube. But, the truth is that there are a lot of other video sharing sites on the web, and you might be surprised by what they have to offer. Flickr This one surprised us too. Flickr branded itself as an image-sharing site early on , and no one […]

The New 7 Wonders of The World

The 7 Wonders of the World is judged according to a set of criterias. First, Time Span – this marks the time when the place was built, how long its been standing and its history. The Structure Quality tells how the structure was preserved through time, it must be man-made, which means man was involved […]

Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds” Trailer

    For all you Tyler Perry fans out there-Get Ready! “Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds” is set to hit theaters on February 24 and I’m looking forward to seeing this one. Although somewhat predictable, it looks like yet another sure-to-bit-hit from Mr. Perry. The movie will be released to theaters on February 24, 2012 but […]

Feel Good Friday: How To Be Happy!

    Happiness is what I strive for and not long ago did I realize that ” being happy ” is a conscious decision we make each day. Part of it is accepting ourselves and learning to forgive ourselves.  How we think determines how we feel and whether we are happy or not at any given time.  I thought […]

Lazy Sunday: Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

  Today I feel like doing absolutely nothing!   We all have those days and today is one of mine.   The Lazy Sony by Bruno Mars  was fitting for my mood today so I wanted to share.  So whatever kind of  day you are having, I hope you enjoying it, even if it’s doing absolutely nothing.  Enjoy the Music! Happy Sunday!

Coby SNAPP CAM5000 Review and Giveaway!

As the mother of two boys who seem  to always be into something, I try to always be prepared to capture those precious moments.   I need to be ready at all times–especially when those unexpecting  funny moments happen.    Problem is…my current video camera is somewhat of a dinosaur and it seems to always be out of reach when […]