Spare Your Back – How to Pack

Wrinkled clothing, over the limit liquids, and other hazards of suitcase packing can make even the most seasoned traveler wish they had stayed at home.  In the day and age where limitations on weight allowances can make extra baggage costs prohibitive, it is even more critical that travelers understand how to make the full baggage space and weight that they […]

How to Budget a Family Vacation

A family vacation can be a terrific way to relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Whether you are visiting a big city or camping in a forest, a family trip will give you the time to bond with your family members in a different way compared to everyday life. However, the […]

Traveling and Organization Tips

Traveling and Organization Tips For longer trips (or when possible), rent an apartment with a washer and dryer instead of booking a hotel room.  Having on-site laundry facilities will allow you to bring fewer clothes! If you don’t have laundry access, include some dryer sheets in your suitcase.  Not only will they help avoid static […]

Family-Friendly Travel Tips

  photo credit: ryansinc Hi There, Family Flyers! It can be tough traveling alone, much less with young children. With the growing list of security constraints, it’s harder than ever to normal things such as bring milk, medicine and other liquids onboard. To make flying easier for all involved, here are five family travel tips […]