Why Short Homecoming Dresses Are the Way Forward For Homecoming

Wearing a shorter homecoming dress might just be the new full-length gown when it comes down to the hottest homecoming dress trends for 2016. Find out why sporting the mid-length homecoming dress can be the best decision you make. Nowadays, the conventional long floaty, puffy homecoming dresses are becoming less popular as shorter styles are […]

Finding that One of a Kind Dress for Prom

So much time and planning goes into Prom. It’s the last big event before graduation and you’ve spent hours perusing dress styles, hair ideas and the perfect accessories with your best friends. However, this could present a major fashion faux pas if two of you or worse yet, one of your arch enemies show up […]

Pre-Prom Ideas

Prom Night is one of those high school memories that will last a lifetime.   Regardless of the memory, it will always be with us….good, bad, or ugly.  For most high school girls, it is an event that is planned and looked forward to for a long time.  It is of course considered the” high school event of the […]