Poster Nostalgia

My teenage years were spent like most other teenagers – fantasizing about celebrities and kissing posters on my wall. I had posters all over my bedroom. “New Edition” was the group of the moment and I honestly thought if Ralph Tresvant could just meet me he would fall in love and we would get married. […]

Disney’s Retro Teaser Poster For Wreck-It Ralph

    Disney has just released it’s teaser poster for their upcoming animated feature Wreck-It Ralph. With a great voice cast that includes John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, and Sarah Silverman, WRECK-IT RALPH looks like a winner!  The poster, is very retro yet simple and gives you a taste of what to expect […]

Postermaking Made Fun with ArtSkills Giveaway

If you’re a parent of school aged kids, I’m sure they’ve had their share of school projects to complete.  The process is always fun but coming up with unique and creative ideas don’t always come that easy.  My kids are very creative and are always creating things but they too can use a little help at times.  Craft Projects are supposed to be […]