Pet Travel Tips for Holiday Road Trips

The holiday season is a popular time for traveling, and for many families, holiday togetherness just isn’t the same without their furry family members. Taking a holiday road trip with your pet can definitely be memorable and add something special to the season. Follow these tips to enjoy a safe and comfortable road trip with […]

ALPO® Brand Dog Food: #HealthyStartsHere

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food . All opinions are 100% mine. If you’re a dog owner then you already know that a healthy dog is a happy dog. As a dog owner myself, I try to keep our dog Spinna as happy and healthy as possible. One way I do […]

Our Pup Spinna Loves the New Cesar Cookie Crunchies

    When our dog “Spinna” first came into our lives, I knew it was going to be an adjustment.  We knew that by welcoming him into our home, we would have to treat him as part of our family, care for him, and satisfy his needs by giving him little tokens of affection.  Showering […]

Meet Mr. Chewy–Pet Supplies Sent to Your Front Door

      Are you looking for a new site to check out?  You may want to check out Mr.  Mr. Chewy is your one stop shop for all your pet supply needs!  Some of us love our pets like they are our children, so why not treat that that way? There is literally […]

Curious About the Pet Smart Puppy Training Program?

  Many of you know that we welcomed a new dog into our family just a few short months ago. Although, getting a dog was not on my bucket list for this year, Spinna has been a wonderful addition to the family.  He is loving, energetic and very protective of me and the kids.   When I […]

Join In On Petsmart’s Live Facebook Chat Today

    PetSmart will be holding a live, 45-minute chat Today with  veterinarian, Dr. Robyn Jaynes. There will be an open discussion session with pet parents, answering their questions about  scientifically-formulated foods, what they are, and how they might be able to help your pet.   If you’re able to make it, you will receive some great information […]

Choosing the Perfect Dog for You and Your Family

      Dog’s truly are man’s (and women’s) best friend, and getting a new dog can be an extremely exciting time for you and your family.  Still, not all dogs are created equal, and there are numerous things to consider before rushing into purchasing your next pooch.  Several different factors come into play when […]

Teaching Your Kids Responsibility with Pet Care

You can teach your kids to care for themselves, making them attend to their personal hygiene, clean their rooms, put their dishes in the sink or dishwasher, and even do their own laundry at some point.  But until they learn to care for someone or something else, they won’t truly understand the weight of responsibility.  […]

Richell USA Pet Training Kennel PK-830

When I became first time puppy owner, it was a real surprise to me.  I had no idea I would become one that day.  Owning a dog was a  topic the husband and I talked about, but we both agreed to wait until the boys were old enough to care for it themselves.  Well…it didn’t happen that […]