Why Gardening is Important for Children

Gardening is a hobby that involves playing in the dirt, learning new things, and watching your hard work pay off, which makes it a great hobby for children. It combines their love for getting messy, learning from doing, and creating something. Children thrive in an environment that is new, exciting, and gratifying. Children that garden […]

5 Fun Family Games for the Pool

If your family is anything like mine, you spend as much time as possible in the pool during the summer. By the time August rolls around, I’m surprised my kids don’t have gills and webbed feet! And while it’s great to practice swimming technique and pool safety, my favorite times in the pool are when […]

5 common Booster Seat Questions

I think this is so important to share.  Did you know that 61% of car crashes occur less than 10 minutes from home? For those of us with children riding in the car, that statistic is a great reminder to be more diligent about car seat safety guidelines, specifically as it relates to booster seat […]

Helping Kids 1 Gram of Protein at a Time

There’s a lot of great things about the internet, from cat videos to instant news. But one of my favorite things is being able to see the great ideas that people come up with. Thanks to the Internet, we can have our eyes opened to a new wave of innovation. I recently found a new […]

Simple Summer Fun Activity Ideas for Kids

Need ideas to keep your kids active and entertained for the summer.  Here are 5 super cool activities they will enjoy! 5 Summer Fun Activities for Kids 1. Egg Painting All you need for this fun and creative activity is: Empty egg shells, paint, tissue paper, glue, and something you can use as your canvas, […]

Chalk Online Preschool Review

We really embrace technology in this house – in moderation of course – so I was pleased to be able to try out this FREE online preschool curriculum with my son.

Mini Pupstars: Fun New App for Kids

This Post is written by me on behalf of Matoto Play.  All opinions are mine. With all the tech gadgets that will certainly be gifted this Christmas season, here is a fun new app for kids—Mini Pupstars by Matato. The app lets kids (and adults too!) get in touch with their inner dog groomer and […]


Whenever my boys here the word Transformers they get excited. And, since they are such huge fans of both the movie and the cartoon, it was no surprise that they were going to enjoy the new line of TRANSFORMERS Construct-Bots from Hasbro. As if it was not fun enough transform these toys from robots to […]

Budsies Review AND Giveaway: Turn Your Kids ArtWork Into Stuffed Animals

 This is a promotional post for Budsies. A promotional product was received in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. I absolutely couldn’t wait to get started on our Budsie. But what are they? Well, Budsies are a company that turns your child’s artwork into a real life stuffed toy. How cool is that? The […]