5 signs you are embarrassing your teen

     Written By CocktailsWithMom.com  Teen Contributor, April   As a teenager, let me enlighten all you parents out there about how hard it is to climb the steep and tiresome ladder that is our social life. People do not make friends based on ‘personality’ anymore; they make friends based on popularity. And let me […]

The Evolution of Fashion

    I had this very conversation with my son the other day and thought it was funny when I ran across this photo.  Do you think it is really going to get that bad?  LOL.   Image Credit: BerkeleyPlaceblog.com


What Mommy Says:  “Pay attention to what you’re doing.” What Mommy Does:  Cooks dinner while doing laundry, and checking her blog stats and Facebook.  Wonder why dinner tastes like $%#@. What Mommy Says:  “If you don’t get enough sleep you won’t be able to function.” What Mommy Does:  Needs the jaws of life to pry […]

Friday Funny: Gas Prices

  The price of gas is no laughing matter or is it?  My sister shared with me this via Facebook and I thought it was pretty funny!  What type of gas do you use?

Friday Fun: Time For a Laugh

    Let’s just say it has been a long week… And the way it started off,  I am overdue for a laugh or two.  These put a smile on my face. I hope they would do the same for you. Source: happyplace.com via Dee on Pinterest Source: pete.com via Dee on Pinterest Source: killmydaynow.com […]

Friday Fun – Signs

Source: google.com via Dee on Pinterest Source: blog.travellerspoint.com via Dee on Pinterest Source: google.com.au via Dee on Pinterest Source: dopamineandshit.tumblr.com via Dee on Pinterest Source: damnlol.com via Dee on Pinterest Source: organizedstress.com via Dee on Pinterest Source: absolutelymadness.tumblr.com via Dee on Pinterest

10 Facts About You

This seems to get me every time I read it.  Go ahead–read on.

Best Fruit Cake Recipe Ever {Funny}

    The Best Fruit Cake Recipe You Will Ever Try! Guaranteed to Tickle your Tummy!  Fruit Cake Recipe Here’s What you’ll need:  1 cup of water, 1  cup of sugar, 4  large brown eggs,2 cups of dried fruit,1 teaspoon of salt,3 cups flour, a cup of brown sugar,1 t. nutmeg, nuts, and a very large bottle of whiskey. Sample the whiskey […]

Life Before The Computer

      Isn’t This The Truth….