What Mommy Says:  “Pay attention to what you’re doing.” What Mommy Does:  Cooks dinner while doing laundry, and checking her blog stats and Facebook.  Wonder why dinner tastes like $%#@. What Mommy Says:  “If you don’t get enough sleep you won’t be able to function.” What Mommy Does:  Needs the jaws of life to pry […]

Friday Funny: Gas Prices

  The price of gas is no laughing matter or is it?  My sister shared with me this via Facebook and I thought it was pretty funny!  What type of gas do you use?

Friday Fun: Time For a Laugh

    Let’s just say it has been a long week… And the way it started off,  I am overdue for a laugh or two.  These put a smile on my face. I hope they would do the same for you. Source: via Dee on Pinterest Source: via Dee on Pinterest Source: […]

10 Facts About You

This seems to get me every time I read it.  Go ahead–read on.

Best Fruit Cake Recipe Ever {Funny}

    The Best Fruit Cake Recipe You Will Ever Try! Guaranteed to Tickle your Tummy!  Fruit Cake Recipe Here’s What you’ll need:  1 cup of water, 1  cup of sugar, 4  large brown eggs,2 cups of dried fruit,1 teaspoon of salt,3 cups flour, a cup of brown sugar,1 t. nutmeg, nuts, and a very large bottle of whiskey. Sample the whiskey […]

Life Before The Computer

      Isn’t This The Truth….

Funny Jokes To Start Your Weekend

      An attractive blonde and a handsome man step into the same elevator. The blonde sighs happily and says ‘T-G-I-F’, He smiles at her and replied,  ‘S-H-I-T’.  “The blonde thinks perhaps he didn’t hear her correctly, so she repeats it once again: ‘T-G-I- F!’.   “He acknowledges her remark and replies once again ‘S-H- […]