Recipe of The Week: Brined Roast Stuffed Chicken with Spinach

    Brined Roast Stuffed Chicken with Spinach   Ingredients: 8 lb. chicken For the Brine: ¼ cup salt ¼ cup sugar 1 tbs. curry powder 1 tbs. garlic powder 1 tbs. ground cumin 1 tbs. chili powder Clean the chicken.  Place chicken in a pot and add the ingredients for the brine.  Fill with […]

Quick, Healthy Meal Ideas

Eating healthy is an option for everyone, no matter how busy their lifestyle. Making changes over time is the way to ensure that the path into a healthy lifestyle is guaranteed and will become a permanent fixture in the daily routine. Meal planning, buying a variety of healthy foods and doing some prep work on […]

Moist and Tasty Banana Bread

    I don’t know what it is about banana bread but all I can tell you is that I just love the stuff .  Well last week , I had this huge craving for a slice but didn’t necessarily feel up to taking a drive to the local restaurant where I am always tempted […]

New Kraft Products To Help Energize Your Day

  We all lead very busy lives and each day seems to be almost the same as the previous one. For most of us, it’s early to rise and late to bed.  When you’re a family on the go, you need products that fit into your busy lifestyle.  Kraft Foods has delicious new products that […]

Spread the Heavenly Love with Rigoni di Asiago (Hazelnut Spread)

    I don’t think words could express my feelings enough, when I say I LOVE THIS RIGONI DI ASIAGO. I have tried a few hazelnut spreads in my lifetime, but this one is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I think you get my excitement when I say this product is really fabulous. When I first tried this organic […]

November Foods: What’s In Season

Last month I posted a list of Ocotober Foods.   Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that are in season for November: Apples Artichokes avocado beets bok choy broccoli brussels sprouts cabbage carrots celery chard chestnuts cranberries daikon fennel guava kiwi kumquat lemons orange pears persimmons pomegranate potato quince rutabaga squash, winter sunchoke turnips […]

Bacon: The New Five-Course Meal

    There aren’t too many foods out there that are both delicious and capable of being a major part of every type of meal. Bacon is one of these glorious foods, and aside from being served with breakfast, wrapped around shrimp, and thrown on a cheeseburger here and there, bacon is all too often […]

Make Your Own English Muffins

English muffins are traditionally one of those items you buy at the store without a second thought. While they’re ideal for breakfast, you can also use them for brunch or lunch sandwiches and as small pizza crusts to pacify picky kids. There’s no doubt that they’re one of the more delicious bread options around when […]

Labor Day Cupcakes

Labor Day is always a great weekend. You have extra time with family and friends, cook outs and, in my family, baking and decorating cupcakes! My fondest memories are when my younger cousins or brother frost the cupcakes and they look misshapen or all the colors start swirling together because there are so many on […]