Tips For Cool Summer Dressing

Summer, glorious summer! Personally, I adore the season – no matter how hot it gets. One of my friends likes to joke that she can get so hot she’d be happy to walk around naked, while I’m totally okay wearing a jersey. After our last girls day out which ended with her almost melting in […]

Sartorial Season: Summer to Fall

  A new season doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Maximize your closet and minimize the strain on your wallet by easily turning summer staples into fall favorites with these easy tips. Layer. Pair your bright summer top with a muted cardigan or blazer to take it into fall. Just because […]

Dressing for Your Body Type

  How To Dress for Your Body Type Everyone has a different body type, so generally not everyone can wear the same outfit. Finding clothes that are flattering for your figure can accentuate your best features while hiding any prominent parts of your shape. Common Body Shapes Include: Straight Apple Pear Hourglass   Straight Body […]