Why Sleep Is the Most Important Exercise You’re Not Getting

It’s that time of year again when everyone is crowding into the gym to get fit. And all this activity does wonders for your health, but not if you don’t get enough sleep. Getting good sleep is just as important as working out. Positive, consistent sleep patterns are beneficial to your health, and here are […]

The Ultimate Body Weight Routine: Simple 20’s, Tough 10’s, Holding 15’s

Fitness has always been a key part of my life, especially post-children so I am always looking for new ways to tighten up and stay in shape. There are some routines that have worked for me and then there are some that I could just not stick with. So now it’s time to try something […]

Fitness Motivation: Tips To Get You Up, Get You Out & Get You Active

I don’t think I’m alone when I say my exercise intentions are much better than my exercise actions. I have big plans to hit the gym, train for a race, and get active, but life gets busy and the first things to slip are my workouts. Now that my kids are back in school, I’m […]

6 Ways To Get More Exercise Without Spending Too Much Time

These days, it’s very easy to figure out what’s good and not good for us. Take exercise for instance. I don’t think anyone will say that exercise will be bad for you. Interestingly enough, most people just don’t do it. What’s the number one excuse? I don’t have time. Here are 6 ways to integrate […]

How To Choose A Fitness Routine That Fits

You drive the kids to school or bring them to the bus stop, make sure that food is ready on the table, keep everyone on time, and ensure that everything in the house is in the right place. Then they tell you, you really need to spend time for exercising. Seriously? Can’t we count that […]

Quick Full Body Exercises For Busy Bodies

    Having a busy life should never give you an excuse not to take care of your health.  Trying to fit in that trip to the gym or enrolling in a fitness class may be hard to come by, but it doesn’t have to mean giving up on exercise all together. Doing a graceful 20 […]

How to Stay Healthy While Working at Home

        Working from home is every mom’s dream but it can be your body’s worst nightmare. Staying healthy is hard enough when working outside of the home; however, working inside of the home can create unhealthy habits that need to be solved rather quickly or even prevented. We all have our tricks to try […]

No Time for Crunches: Enter Ab Belts

     If you’re like most of us, you save the abdominal portion of your work out until the very end.  Getting the power walk or run out of the way is not problem. Laying on the floor to complete the necessary 15 minutes you need for a tight tummy, though, is grueling. Enter the […]

Exercise is Medicine

  Can’t I Just Take a Pill? Let’s face it: most of us wake-up absurdly early and hit-the-hay way too late.  The time in between, called life, is so busy and so focused on everyone else that the last thing on our list is squeezing in a workout.  Instead, we rely on a cocktail of […]