What is YOUR Biggest Investment?

SPONSORED POST I have always been amazed by young entrepreneurs. I admire their inner drive and their seemingly natural talent for handling money. Thus, it has been my mission to ensure that my children learn about finances at a young age. My husband and I discuss finances on an almost regular basis but it hit […]

Trips That Teach: 5 Incredible Learning Destinations for Your Family

With the end of vacation days just around the corner and the hot summer months finally coming to a close; a weekend getaway is just the thing that families might crave and need.  However, a getaway which every member of the family finds interesting is often an objective that is hard to achieve.  The new […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Study Habits

    If you’re that rare parent that has children who are not only willing to study and do homework each night, but they do so on heir own, without any help or encouragement on your part, then you should come back to this article in a few years when your kids starts rebelling.  For […]

First Day of School Traditions

  If your family is like mine, each member is anticipating the beginning of a new school year. These suggestions can help you all make the most of celebrating that all-important first day of school together! Counting Down the Days It can be difficult for kids to keep track of time during fun summer days, […]

What to Do if Your Child Falls Behind in School

  Many children will go through phases where they want nothing to do with schooling.  This could be due to teachers they dislike, subjects that have grown difficult, of problems with friends that escalate to the point that they disrupt your child’s education.  While there are certainly steps you can take to address issues with […]