Gain Flings Music to Your Nose & The Braxton Sisters

When I headed back home after attending the Essence festival, I knew there would be several things I needed to catch up on, and one of those things just so happen to be my laundry.  I actually was looking forward to it because I love clean fresh, smelling clothes.  The funny thing about that is, […]

5 celebrity moms and the cars they drive

If you’ve ever pulled up to the store in your glamorous mom style minivan but dreamt about owning a rather more luxurious vehicle, this is the article for you.  Here we will takes a look at 5 celebrity moms and the cars they drive, proving that practicality and space isn’t everything when it comes to […]

Poster Nostalgia

My teenage years were spent like most other teenagers – fantasizing about celebrities and kissing posters on my wall. I had posters all over my bedroom. “New Edition” was the group of the moment and I honestly thought if Ralph Tresvant could just meet me he would fall in love and we would get married. […]

Famous Quotes & Movie Lines

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” from Love Story starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw       “You should be kissed. And often. And by someone who knows how.” from Gone with the Wind starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh         “You make me want to be a better […]

Will the Twilight couple survive in the wake of Kristen’s affair? 3 reasons I want them to

    Recently, shocking pictures emerged of Kristen Stewart kissing and getting too close with Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, who is married with two children. She promptly issued a public apology, saying she loved Robert Pattinson and couldn’t say how sorry she was for hurting him. This makes Kristen a rare […]

Musicians and the Age 27?

    Everyone has heard now and is saddened by the death of singer Amy Winehouse. When I heard the news,  it just made me sad. I wasn’t a very devoted fan, although I did like her music, I think anytime a person has as much trouble as she did it is sad when their life […]