Diy Mason Jar Candles

I am a huge fan of small projects that can add a little fun to ordinary objects. Today I’ll be sharing a few quick & easy ways to spruce up a couple of plain mason jars. Mason jars are so versatile that I find myself using them for everything. My newest obsession is candles. These […]

Harvest Glow Candle Giveaway

    I love to burn candles in my home.   I love the smell it leaves and the ambiance it adds to your décor.  I am always trying new scents and actually get excited when I come across a new one or new company for that matter.  When I do so, I love to share it […]

Enjoy Lighting Candles with GloLite Pillars from PartyLite

  If you know anything about me, you should know that I definitely go gah gah over candles.   I’ve bought so MANY candles over the years my husband thinks I’m addictive.  Well, I want go that faras saying  I have an addiction, but I do love the ambiance they create.  The thing I’ve learned; however, is that […]