Healthier Alternatives to All of Your Vices

Healthy Alternatives to All of Your Vices

We’ve all got them. Those little pleasures we indulge in to treat ourselves for a job well done, to relieve stress when tensions are high, or for no particular reason at all except that we want them. Coffee, alcohol, tobacco, sugary drinks, high fat desserts, TV, video games (and many, many others). Done in moderation, […]

Improving Your Life, One Night at a Time

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“I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for Pernix Therapeutics. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” I didn’t really understand how great sleep was until I became a mom. Sure, I was a typical teenager and college student who enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in, […]

Summer Travel Made Easy with Sunoco + $50 Giveaway


My family just got back from a road trip, which is something I consider to be a summer rite of passage. We had a great time and made some awesome memories, but so much of our trip didn’t go as planned. We had scheduled an early morning start, but several mishaps prevented us from sticking […]

Even My Pets Deserve a Stylish Bed


  We have 3 dogs; Stretch a chihuahua/dachshund/rat terrier mix, Ellie an overweight miniature dachshund and Rascal a slightly neurological impaired chihuahua/dachshund mix otherwise known as a Chiweenie. Our pups are more than pets, they’re family and we tend to spoil them and let them boss us around. Well, I should say my husband gets […]

Family Road Trips on a Budget

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Few things are as memorable as going on family road trips. From the backseat games and snacks to the sightseeing and quality time together, I grew up going on road trips and try to make it a priority with my kids, too. And even though the idea is simple—hop in your car and drive somewhere—road […]

Five Steps to the Perfect Road Trip

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Summertime means it’s time to hit the road for an adventure. Road trips are a quintessential summer activity, and although part of the fun is filling up the gas tank and driving off without a care, the perfect road trip requires a little more planning. Here are five steps to planning the perfect road trip: […]

Top 3 Online Budgeting Tools

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When I was in high school, my dad sat me down to teach me how to balance a checkbook. I learned the entire, tedious process and was frustrated the whole time. Luckily, today’s budgeting and money-tracking tools are much better than the (somewhat obsolete) art form of checkbook balancing. With all of my other information […]

3 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

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As soon as I became a parent, I was instantly more worried about safety and my surroundings. Maybe I was a little naïve in my pre-parent days, but now I make safety a focus of my home to protect my family. Especially as we get ready for a summer full of family road trips, there […]

Five Top Cleaning Hacks When You Only Have a Few Minutes

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In my dreams my home and life are organized, clean, and pristine. I know exactly where everything is and I am never embarrassed at the state of my house when a friend unexpectedly pops over. However, real life is a little different than that. Things get busy and keeping my home (and life) as clean […]