SUNOCO’s Free Fuel 5000 Sweepstakes + $25 Sunoco Gift Card!

This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own. Free Gas, Free Gas, Free Gas! How do you like the sound of that? Summer is here and it’s time to put your road trip into motion. That means family moments, fun times, and oh yes, gas money! So how does a giveaway […]

Back To School: Car Tips For College Bound Students

Back-to-school time can be very busy for students and parents alike. One item that should be on the top of the to-do lists is car care maintenance. Whether they’re attending high school or heading off to college, this can be a great time to have a maintenance check performed to help get your student’s car […]

Wet’N’ Wild SplashTown Screams Family Summer Fun

A few weeks ago, my family were invited to spend the day at Wet’n’Wild Splashtown . It was a actually our first time visiting—and definitely not our last. This place is at the top of the list for Summer family fun! I received complimentary tickets to Wet’n’Wild Splashtown for myself and my family to facilitate this review.  This opinions […]

How to Buy A Used Car – For Your Teen

Your teen just got his or her driver’s license and now it’s time to go car shopping! They know exactly what it is going to look like; model, color, extras. Your kid is excited but as a parent, you may be having mixed emotions. It’s normal to have safety concerns in mind but, there’s the […]

Gas Saving Tips

Summer is here again but long gone are the days where you could literally fill up your gas tank for about $10. While you won’t be able to control gas prices, there are a few simple things you can do to control your car’s fuel efficiency. Most of my driving is during the week driving […]

How To Buy A House In Adelaide

So you’ve decided to move to Adelaide. Now one of your most important questions will be: “Where am I going to live?” Moving half way round the world can be stressful, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity. Once you arrive to your new destination, you are faced with a whole new list of […]

Spicy BBQ Taco Bowl (Texas Style!)

You’ve all heard the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas”, right? And, while that may be true, it’s also true that everything is tastier in Texas too! Texas is much more than the country plains and thick accents that most (those who aren’t from the South) think. Texas has a unique culture made of a melting […]

Driving Around School: Tips for Teen Drivers

School is almost back in session and there will be many students driving their own cars to school this school season.  While that may be exciting, it is also important for students to be mindful when driving around the school’s campus, or even just when parking there. If you have a teen driving to school, […]

Must Have Safety Products for Your Teens Car

The last thing you want for your kid(s) is for them to be stranded somewhere with a dead phone and a flat tire without the tools to get home.  Make sure they have adequate safety products in their car at all times. Must Have Safety Products for Your Teens Car Car emergency kits should be […]