25 Family Random Acts of Kindness

In a world filled with violence, anger, and selfishness, we all need more kindness and love. I love how I feel when I’ve done something kind. It makes me feel great knowing I made someone’s day by doing something kind. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or flashy. Simple acts of kindness make a huge […]

The #1 Ingredient is Real Meat: Beneful’s New Dry Dog Recipe

As most people know by now I am extremely particular about anything Spinna ingests whether it be homemade or commercially prepared. There are very few dog food brands I offer Spinna and few that he actually loves. We look for high-quality products that I can actually feel comfortable feeding him. Just recently my day was […]

Safe Driving Tips

Priority Number one when getting into your car should always be safety. Safety for you, your family and others on the road. Even though newer cars are equipped with a number of new and updated safety features, driving can still be risky if you don’t practice safe driving habits. The following tips will help keep […]

5 Reasons to Include Music in Your Child’s Life

Children are not taught to enjoy music; they just naturally gravitate towards it. Whether it’s enjoying toys that make sounds, bouncing while listening to a song, or clapping to the music, it’s a universal reaction. There smiles and obvious enjoyment for music is enough to choose to make music a part of your child’s life, […]

The Value of a Box Top: How My School Turns Box Tops Into Money

Who would have ever guessed that a little piece of paperboard would be worth so much? For the students at my school, they’re worth all the gold in the world, and to the teachers of my school, they’re worth much needed new equipment like ipads or updated playground equipment.  Box Tops have made a huge […]

Simple DIY Car Detailing Tips To keep your car looking GOOD!

Everyone likes a clean nice looking car but getting your vehicle professionally detailed can be expensive. As females we might have to think washing a car is the same s detailing, but, it’s not. In act, I was one of them until I learned detailing involves a more thorough cleaning of the hard to reach […]

Sports Moms: 3 Simple Tips To Stay Organized

Moms all over the world have one thing in common and that is that they are all sports moms in one way or another. Whether you have one child or multiple children playing sports, you could probably all use a tip or two on how to survive all of the practices, games, meets and everything […]

Fun and Expensive Fall Date Night Ideas

Do you know a great babysitter? Call her up and hire her to watch the kids while you and your significant, head out for a date night with your significant other. Here are several fun and inexpensive ideas for you to try. Traditional Fall Dates These date nights aren’t anything new, but they are fun. […]

Learning to Enjoy Life’s Journey Everyday

This past weekend, I returned from yet another wonderful family vacation with my family. I appreciate wholeheartedly any opportunity to spend time with my family and create wonderful memories. This time was no different , but yet different—let me explain. The difference, this time, is that my boys have grown up. They are no longer […]