Tips for Financial Planning, No Matter Your Age

I’m getting older, my kids are getting older, and it is time I sit down and get my financial stuff together. It’s so easy to go throughout life not really paying attention to the financial side of things. It’s one thing to have ends meet, but it’s another to actually financially plan for the future. […]

5 Must-Have Dog Travel Accessories

Millions of Americans will hit the road this summer for vacations to see attractions, family, and friends. But some travelers may have a few extra steps for planning and packing, especially if you’re a dog owning who plans to bring along your furry best friend. Make your trip more comfortable for you and your pooch […]

Chocolate Fudge Cosmic Brownies

Moist. Chocolately. Fudgy Goodness! That’s how I’d describe these Chocolate Fudge Cosmic Brownies. Growing up, my mom always made sure we had some type of homemade treat on hand. She loved baking and I guess it was passed on to me. There was a time, you’d always find me in the kitchen baking something up. […]

Save Yourself from Summer Spills #BISSELLclean

Summer is right around the corner, and that means that all of my kids will be home for days filled with fun, friends, and adventure. It sounds like a great time, but you know what comes with that? Messes! It seems like every time I turn around during the summer months, there’s more dirt that’s […]

5 Tips for Summer Car Maintenance

The heat of summer can put a lot of pressure on your car, especially during a time of year when lots of people hit the road for summer road trips. Make sure your car can keep up with all your fun summer plans by following these five tips for summer car maintenance: 5 Tips for […]

10 Tips for Family Road Trip Survival

Memories are made on the road as the family fills the car to see wonders of the countryside. But before those memories are made, patience is often tested with so many people in a confined place. Make the most of your family road trip this summer with these 10 tips to turn the trip from […]

Best Family-Friendly Road Trip Destinations

It seems like the old American dream—packing your family and belongings up in the car to drive across the country and see the sights. Even with today’s modern technology and gadgets, road trips are a fun, old-fashioned way to spend time as a family and see what the country has to offer. If you need […]

“Taking Care of Your Skin During Spring and Summer”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I’m not talking about Christmas—I’m talking about sprummer! For the uninitiated, sprummer stands for “spring and summer,” the miraculous combination of seasons that join together to melt the winter freeze and allow humans worldwide to frolic in the grass, sand, water, dirt, mud and wherever else […]

Road Trip to the Summer’s Best Music Festivals

Warm weather, good company, and a great selection of bands is the perfect combination for a killer music festival. As the weather heats up and festival season kicks into full gear, it’s a great time to jump in the car and experience a new world of music. Here are five music festivals around the country […]