Relax. Relate. Release!



How often do you find time to Relax? Personally for me, probably not enough. I’m sure the same goes for a lot of you. Women lead very busy lives, managing households, families, jobs, and relationships. Taking a break or time for self can seem almost impossible or just like one extra task to add to the days to-do list. Most of the time, we give up even before we’ve begun.

Instead, we need to create small pockets of time throughout the day that we can spend doing something we enjoy. Taking time to relax is vital to recharging our inner batteries. This is what I find interesting…We know we need it, but yet we fight it.

In upcoming post, I will be sharing with you ways to Relax and ways to free up time for yourself. Stay tuned for more ,but for now, remember to take some time for yourself.


Are you finding yourself juggling the tasks of taking care of family, raising your kids and finding time to be Wife? If so, I’m sure you can Relate to the many moms out there who are dealing with the same tasks you encounter from day to day. Whether you’re the single mom, the work at home/stay at mom, or the professional mom, we all have one thing in common, WE are all moms. We do our best and sometimes look for other moms and situations we can relate to. I hope you can find some sort of connection here through my posts and know that you are not alone. Wheter it is an idea, a tip, a trick or inspirational story, I hope you find something that works for you. Stay Good!!!


Finding an outlet to “LET IT GO” and ways to Release the stresses of everyday life is important to our well being and sanity. I need to remind myself at times to let things Go and Relieve the Stresses. We all need some “Me-time”, ways to escape, refresh and renew. Here you will find ways to do such.