How to Recover from Bad Credit (YOURSELF)

If you’re in a situation where you need to fix your credit, it’s easy to fall into scams promising easy overnight credit repair. But, what if I told you,  there are ways you can recover from bad credit yourself.  Would you believe me? I hope so, because when it comes to repairing less than average […]

4 Simple Tips For Throwing a Football Party

Football season is officially here and we are already starting to feel the cool air making its way in.   I’m in a household full of football fans so on any given Sunday you might find a football party going down.  And, I must say, there’s nothing better than getting together with family and friends to […]

Fitness Motivation: Tips To Get You Up, Get You Out & Get You Active

I don’t think I’m alone when I say my exercise intentions are much better than my exercise actions. I have big plans to hit the gym, train for a race, and get active, but life gets busy and the first things to slip are my workouts. Now that my kids are back in school, I’m […]

Four Types of Family Vacations

Every summer, my husband and I like to take our kids on a memorable family trip. It’s a great chance to explore new places, spend lots of time together, and establish traditions and memories that are so important in our family. But lately we’ve sensed a little less excitement than normal, and it may be […]

Five Steps to the Perfect Road Trip

Summertime means it’s time to hit the road for an adventure. Road trips are a quintessential summer activity, and although part of the fun is filling up the gas tank and driving off without a care, the perfect road trip requires a little more planning. Here are five steps to planning the perfect road trip: […]

Four Ways to Maximize Your Budget

If you’re anything like me, having a monthly budget can be a little restricting. I know it is helping me in the long run, but sometimes I really want that cute pair of shoes even if I’ve already hit my clothes spending limit for the month. Instead of feeling constrained by your budget, learn to […]

Top 3 Online Budgeting Tools

When I was in high school, my dad sat me down to teach me how to balance a checkbook. I learned the entire, tedious process and was frustrated the whole time. Luckily, today’s budgeting and money-tracking tools are much better than the (somewhat obsolete) art form of checkbook balancing. With all of my other information […]

3 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

As soon as I became a parent, I was instantly more worried about safety and my surroundings. Maybe I was a little naïve in my pre-parent days, but now I make safety a focus of my home to protect my family. Especially as we get ready for a summer full of family road trips, there […]

Five Top Cleaning Hacks When You Only Have a Few Minutes

In my dreams my home and life are organized, clean, and pristine. I know exactly where everything is and I am never embarrassed at the state of my house when a friend unexpectedly pops over. However, real life is a little different than that. Things get busy and keeping my home (and life) as clean […]