7 Creative and Romantic Ways to Romance Your Valentine

Do you want to make your valentine feel romantic and loved? Your partner may have some expectations but you can go beyond these expectations with new creative and romantic ways to impress them. DIY Cards Design a card on your own to impress your partner. Write love quotes or a romantic poem to express your […]

Fun and Inexpensive Fall Date Night Ideas

Do you know a great babysitter? Call her up and hire her to watch the kids while you and your significant, head out for a date night with your significant other. Here are several fun and inexpensive ideas for you to try.   Traditional Fall Dates These date nights aren’t anything new, but they are […]

6 Easy Date Nights For The Busy Couple

Guest Post by Bryanda of Quirky, Brown Love! After working a long week, it can be hard to commit to a date night every week, but it is important to do so to keep your relationship going strong! When most people think of date night, the first thing that comes to mind is dinner and a […]

Great Romantic Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Between taking care of a baby, working full-time, and trying to keep a somewhat clean home, it’s hard to have time for romance with my husband. Our days of exciting nights on the town every weekend may be long gone, but we still find time to turn up the heat at home. With Valentine’s Day […]

Creating the Perfect Valentine’s Day Playlist: 50 Great Love Songs

Every couple has their song. For my husband and I, its Eric Benet’s Never Want To Live Without You  that he sang before he proposed. We danced to it at our wedding and it still makes me smile whenever it comes on the radio. We love dancing in the kitchen or singing in the car […]


I’m a hopeless romantic, I love my husband to pieces, so when I come across anything that encourages lasting love I always like to share.  A marriage most definitely requires work.  There will be ups and there will be downs but it can be a beautiful thing! I can across this list of 60 Ways […]

“Dating after 35”-Facts, that every woman should know

This post brought to you by EnchantHim. All opinions are 100% mine. This past weekend, I got together with a few of my girlfriends and we began talking about how much more difficult dating can become the older you get. Some of the ladies shared very similar opinions on the topic and in so many […]


A friend of mine passed this on to me and I thought I’d share.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think this sounds about right? 1. Feed him 2. Make love to him 3. Leave him with peace 4. Don’t check his phone (Messages) … 5. Don’t bother him with his daily movements IN OTHER […]

5 Ways to Surprise Hubby with a Date Night

Are you looking for ways to surprise hubby with a date night?  Celebrating his birthday or wanting to take charge of your anniversary plans for the year? Maybe you want to pamper your husband just because  this time around?  When you’ve been together as long as you have, it’s easy to fall into a dating […]