5 Ways to Save at Back to School

As the summer days begin to wind down, anxious parents and children begin counting down the days until school starts. For kids, it’s the start of a new adventure with new friends and things to explore. For parents, it means you’re about to spend lots of money. Between the new clothes, binders, backpacks, and lunches, […]

Back To School Lunch Ideas with Wet Ones® Plus a Chance to win $1000

It is time for back to school. That means supplies are being bought. Clothes are ready to go. Backpacks and new lunch boxes are waiting for their big day. The only thing left is to stock up the fridge and get ready to make some lunches. In honor of back to school I put together […]

Diaper Bag Essentials

With my first baby, I spent hours scouring the internet and reading the advice of “experts” to make sure I would have every possible thing my baby would need in any possible situation. The result was a massive diaper bag that was a workout to carry and made going anywhere with my newborn nearly impossible. […]

6 Diaper Bag Must Haves

  I have partnered with Babies “R” Us and P&G for this posting. We were sent a promotional item as a thank you for our posting. All opinions are those of our own. When I was pregnant with my first son, I was a nervous ball of energy. I knew my life was about to […]

5 common Booster Seat Questions

I think this is so important to share.  Did you know that 61% of car crashes occur less than 10 minutes from home? For those of us with children riding in the car, that statistic is a great reminder to be more diligent about car seat safety guidelines, specifically as it relates to booster seat […]

5 Ways To Engage With Your Kids Without Gadgets

  Children today are digital aficionados! Gone are the days when the fortunate kids were the ones born with a silver spoon. Today, kids are born with an exposure to the enamoring world of gadgets. Having access to the latest smartphones, tablets and video games is considered “cool” and has indeed become a defining status […]

So You’ve Decided you want to Get Pregnant

If you’re thinking about being pregnant, here’s what you should be doing to get your body in shape and pave the way for a healthy baby and easier birth. Congratulations, you’ve decided to get pregnant. Now it’s time to start preparing your body and lifestyle for getting pregnant. Here are our 8 tips for getting […]

How to Clean the Car as a Family

  In our family, the kids are the main source of the mess. It’s especially true when it comes to the car—my husband and I often joke that we would have a much nicer and cleaner car if it weren’t for the kids drawing pictures and dropping crumbs in the backseat.   As my kids […]

7 Common Problems That You Might Face During Pregnancy

This post shares information from https://moms.com If you are pregnant you must have been reading a lot about it and discussing it with friends and relatives. But despite of reading and discussions there still might be situations when you have certain symptoms during pregnancy. You might feel like something is abnormal or not right. Some […]