Saving on SCOTT at Dollar General—It’s Easy!

Things at my house are a little crazy—between school deadlines, swim lessons, job applications, doctor’s appointments, birthday parties, and so much more, it feels like I’m always running around and never have a moment to slow down and get organized. When my family was smaller and things were a little less hectic, I would take […]

Clean Up Your Home in the New Year

Spring cleaning might be the common time to spruce up your home, but there’s no need to wait so long. As the new year begins, you can make your household improvements a priority right away. Take down those holiday decorations, and start looking at the house with a critical eye. There are several ways you […]

5 Things to Do With Old Kids’ Clothes

Kids are constantly growing, so even the cutest outfits often don’t last very long before they are too small. Before you know it, outgrown and old kids’ clothes can litter your house and fill your closets. Here are five things to do with all those clothes once they’re too small for your kids: Donate. Look […]

40 Places Every Kid Should See

  Traveling introduces your children to different cultures, history, natural wonders, and more. Planning a road trip or family vacation is a great way to show your kids the world and open their eyes to everything beyond their front door. Even small children can appreciate travel and seeing new things. Whether you’re traveling by car […]

How to Keep Your Family Safe

It can be overwhelming as a parent to think of all the things that could potentially happen to your family. From disease to theft to natural disaster, or even the family car, there are a lot of things to be worried about. However, you can combat much of that fear by being prepared for whatever […]

5 Free Alternatives to YouTube That You Probably Don’t Know About

When most people think “video,” they think YouTube. But, the truth is that there are a lot of other video sharing sites on the web, and you might be surprised by what they have to offer. Flickr This one surprised us too. Flickr branded itself as an image-sharing site early on , and no one […]

Poise for LBL #RecycleYourPeriodPad

One in every three woman suffer from Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) and in an effort to help deal with it they use pads that are meant for your period. Poise is on a mission to let people know that there is an alternative to using your normal period pad for light bladder leakage. They developed […]

10 Ways to #LiveBrighter as a Family

Even though it is supposed to be a relaxing time, summer around here can get pretty crazy! Between work and our normal responsibilities, there’s also summer camp, pool parties, traveling, time with friends and family, and so much more! Some summers I’m so excited for school to start again just so I can catch my […]

4 Things You Don’t Want to Overlook When Remodeling Your Home

Here you are, ready to embark on a remodeling project that will finally take your home to the next level. Your Pinterest board is loaded up with a dizzying array of paint swatches and decor ideas. You’ve been to the home improvement store so many times that the employees know you by name. You have […]