Best Holiday Events in Houston

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as we get closer to the holidays, day by day. Shopping events to save you tons of money are happening. Your life seems to get busier with kids activities, church activities, social events and parties. All of that can leave you a little frazzled and not much […]

5 Easy Crafts to Brighten up your Child’s Bedroom

Children’s rooms tend to be rather bright and colorful. They are littered with Legos, surrounded by stuffed animals, sometimes have crayon drawings on the walls, bright colored posters pinned up, and other toys sprinkled about. While children tend to bring light to their rooms on their own, there are a few crafts you can do […]

Things To Do On a Weekend For Little To No Cost

You’ve had a busy week, and you’ve worked hard. You deserve a weekend of rest and recreation, but your bank account doesn’t allow much room for that. Try some of these ideas for a weekend that requires little to no money. Make a list of all your favorite movies, pop some popcorn, and get comfy […]

Five reasons why Paris is Europe’s most romantic city

7Romance comes in all shapes and sizes. From a quick kiss, to a hand-in-hand stroll just as the sun is setting; it’s these special moments that are what gives relationships that extra something. Of course, there is always something to be said about a huge, sweeping romantic gesture, which is why plans are often made […]

3 Perfect Family Road Trips for the Fall

Family road trips can be filled with excitement, adventures and amazing journeys. There are so many places that families can visit and some of the destinations may not be too far you’re your home. You will want to plan on what vehicle is best to take on your family road trip, because depending on the […]

Choosing the Perfect Vehicle for Your Family

Every family is different and that is why there are so many different cars out on the road. While one car may work for many families, that same car might not work for other families. Sometimes the size of the car that a family owns will depend on how many people are in the family […]

Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is such a magical and intriguing place, with natural thermal activity of around 300 geysers and 10,000 thermal features. The wildlife is plentiful and lively with sightings of bears, moose, elk, buffalo, and more. The landscape is so diverse with 290 waterfalls, rivers, lakes, forests, canyons, and grassland. If you haven’t visited […]

6 Tips For Successful Carpooling

Carpooling can be a great option for many parents, because everyone gets to share the responsibilities of dropping off and picking up children without having to give up a large chunk of their time every day. Here are 6 great tips for all carpooling parents: Everyone who is part of the carpool should know each […]

The #1 Ingredient is Real Meat: Beneful’s New Dry Dog Recipe

As most people know by now I am extremely particular about anything Spinna ingests whether it be homemade or commercially prepared. There are very few dog food brands I offer Spinna and few that he actually loves. We look for high-quality products that I can actually feel comfortable feeding him. Just recently my day was […]