14 Simple Car Travel Safety Tips

  Summer is a busy time of year for many individuals and families setting out on road trips of all kinds. Be sure to check out all our guides and tips including how you pack your car, what to bring in your roadside emergency kit, and where kids and pets should sit. All these valuable […]

Basic Summer Heat Safety Tips

Summer days are bright, long, and lots of fun, but they are also extremely hot. To enjoy the good days of summer, there are certain precautions everyone should take. Follow these basic heat safety tips in order to avoid the dangers of heat exposure. Stay inside during the hottest hours of the day. If possible […]

Chow Down While Saving Up: How to Save Money While Eating Out

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal out on occasion. Eating out is often the first thing to get cut when people are trying to save money, but it is still possible to enjoy a fun meal without breaking the bank. Here are four easy tips to get the […]

Tips for Financial Planning, No Matter Your Age

I’m getting older, my kids are getting older, and it is time I sit down and get my financial stuff together. It’s so easy to go throughout life not really paying attention to the financial side of things. It’s one thing to have ends meet, but it’s another to actually financially plan for the future. […]

Frugal Tip: Stock Up and Save

My inspiration for creating a family stockpile came in the middle of the night. I made a midnight dash to the bathroom to realize at the worst time possible that we were out of toilet paper—definitely not an ideal situation. Ever since that unfortunate incident, I’ve kept a stockpile of household items on hand. The […]

Get Your Fit On at Planet Fitness–Comfortably

This post is sponsored by Planet Fitness.  All Opinions are my own. Like a lot of people, I try to work out as much as possible, but it can be hard to find the time and the motivation. I’ve tried lots of different gyms, but I never quite fit in—there was the gym full of […]

Saving on SCOTT at Dollar General—It’s Easy!

Things at my house are a little crazy—between school deadlines, swim lessons, job applications, doctor’s appointments, birthday parties, and so much more, it feels like I’m always running around and never have a moment to slow down and get organized. When my family was smaller and things were a little less hectic, I would take […]

Clean Up Your Home in the New Year

Spring cleaning might be the common time to spruce up your home, but there’s no need to wait so long. As the new year begins, you can make your household improvements a priority right away. Take down those holiday decorations, and start looking at the house with a critical eye. There are several ways you […]

5 Things to Do With Old Kids’ Clothes

Kids are constantly growing, so even the cutest outfits often don’t last very long before they are too small. Before you know it, outgrown and old kids’ clothes can litter your house and fill your closets. Here are five things to do with all those clothes once they’re too small for your kids: Donate. Look […]