Stylish Summer Sunglasses for Mom

  There are many items that mothers need to purchase to make sure their kids are ready for summer: bathing suits, towels, shorts, sunscreen and sandals. Moms also need to make sure her kids’ summer outfits are complete with sunglasses . However, moms often forget how important it is to protect their own eyes from […]

Summer Nautical Style

    I have a serious love for all-things-nautical — ironic considering a couple minutes on a boat leaves me green-faced and seasick! But that doesn’t mean I can’t dress like a sailor and enjoy the water from the safety of a pier. Nautical-inspired clothes and accessories are a staple in my summer wardrobe. I […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Lingerie

Women spend an extraordinary amount of time and money on their wardrobes. We covet and collect, flaunt and fetter, all for the purposes of looking good. But so often one vital element is overlooked: your lingerie.  “Foundations” is really a better word because, let’s face it ladies, your underwear is the first thing you put […]

Recipe for a Relaxing Mother’s Day

    Start your Day off with a Relaxing Cup of Tea.   Try to set 5 to 10 minutes aside to enjoy some “mom-me” time.  This may involve waking up a bit earlier than the rest of the family but it will ensure you get some quiet time before your day begin.   Take […]

Become a “ Featured” Happy Hour Diva of the Week

    We already know you’re Fabulous now tell Everyone else why.   Lets face it, we are all divas in our own little way but some of us just flaunt it more than others.    But the bottom line is… we are all girls and girls like to have fun.  Every  now and then,  we must […]

Featured Diva of the Week…Jess of My Silly Monkeys

**Name:  Jess   Blog: To help us get a better idea of your personality, please describe yourself in 3 words. Semi-Crunchy, Shy, and because my friend is screaming it…helpful  What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with its name? My blog is, My Silly Monkeys, and I came up with […]

Kick Back with the Girls @ Outback Steakhouse $90 Gift Card Giveaway!

I cannot tell you the last time I had the chance to hang out with my girlfriends enjoying each others company.   We all have such busy lives and it’s hard for us to kick back and catch up on old times.  Life is just too busy.  Between taking care of the family, cleaning, cooking, and […]

Featured Diva of the Week….Cookies and Clogs

**Name:  TerriAnn   Blog: To help us get a better idea of your personality, pleas describe yourself in 3 words. Friendly, fun, and a bit insecure. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with its name?  Cookies & Clogs. I am Chinese (almond cookies) and my husband is Dutch (clogs). […]

Stress? Is it Getting To You?

      STRESS. Yes, Stress. Stress is the one thing I try to avoid in my life if at all possible. But sometimes, we know it can inevitable. We all have gone through it, but how we handle it makes a huge difference. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how it […]