Educational Gifts to Stimulate Your child’s creativity

Buying a present for a child can always be a challenge, and part of that comes from the fact that nowadays, children are far more advanced than what their parents used to be while growing up. Most kids are well-accustomed to using gadgets and electronics such as smartphones and tablets. Depending on their age, some […]

10 Kid-Friendly Snacks

When my son had his first bite of solids as a baby, he was hooked. For a while, all he wanted to do was eat. But flash forward a few years and now we have a picky eater who doesn’t want to touch anything on his plate. I can make accommodations for dinner, but snacks […]

5 Ways To Engage With Your Kids Without Gadgets

  Children today are digital aficionados! Gone are the days when the fortunate kids were the ones born with a silver spoon. Today, kids are born with an exposure to the enamoring world of gadgets. Having access to the latest smartphones, tablets and video games is considered “cool” and has indeed become a defining status […]

Helping Kids 1 Gram of Protein at a Time

There’s a lot of great things about the internet, from cat videos to instant news. But one of my favorite things is being able to see the great ideas that people come up with. Thanks to the Internet, we can have our eyes opened to a new wave of innovation. I recently found a new […]

5 Things to Love about the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

Before my baby was born, I did lots of research about the best baby products. I was on a mission to give my baby the best of everything to keep him safe, healthy, and happy. My research was helpful, but it missed one important fact—babies outgrow everything so fast. We started with an infant car […]

Simple Summer Fun Activity Ideas for Kids

Need ideas to keep your kids active and entertained for the summer.  Here are 5 super cool activities they will enjoy! 5 Summer Fun Activities for Kids 1. Egg Painting All you need for this fun and creative activity is: Empty egg shells, paint, tissue paper, glue, and something you can use as your canvas, […]

10 Health Friendly Snacks For Your Kids

  Kids love their snacks. Even though parents struggle to keep snacks off the table during mealtimes, it’s hard to keep kids away from their snacks during the day. This is mostly because kids usually have strong metabolisms and they burn a lot of calories. As a result, they feel hungry and are tempted to […]