5 signs you are embarrassing your teen

     Written By CocktailsWithMom.com  Teen Contributor, April   As a teenager, let me enlighten all you parents out there about how hard it is to climb the steep and tiresome ladder that is our social life. People do not make friends based on ‘personality’ anymore; they make friends based on popularity. And let me […]

Fun Edutainment for Kids

    In today’s high tech world, it’s easy to keep kids entertained—but keeping them engaged in learning can be much tougher. Instead of banning computer games in favor of traditionally educational activities, blend the two worlds by giving your kids stimulating and enjoyable edutainment options they will love. The options for educational games are […]

Kid Friendly Holiday Crafts

At Christmas time, the kids are home from school and you need to help entertain them. Here are some simple, kid friendly crafts that you can do with your kids without a lot of time or money invested. Cardboard Candle Sticks   A great idea for a Christmas craft is one that you serve a […]

Five Ways to Encourage Children into the Garden

Nearly every piece of parenting advice or women’s magazine champions the benefits of children coupled with gardening. The pressure can sometimes seem overwhelming for parents that have children who show absolutely no interest in growing their own, and would rather be playing with friends. However there are some tricks that can be used to encourage […]

Make Your Own English Muffins

English muffins are traditionally one of those items you buy at the store without a second thought. While they’re ideal for breakfast, you can also use them for brunch or lunch sandwiches and as small pizza crusts to pacify picky kids. There’s no doubt that they’re one of the more delicious bread options around when […]

Another Texas Outstandwich~ Chicken Fried Steak

  About a week and a half ago, I had the privilege of sharing with you my  Texas Style BBQ Beef and Shrimp Sandwich  which will be featured as a part of Kraft Food’s Sandwich Road Trip across America.   With that in mind, I also asked you ” my readers” to share with us your favorite sandwich for a chance to win a […]

Choosing the Perfect Dog for You and Your Family

      Dog’s truly are man’s (and women’s) best friend, and getting a new dog can be an extremely exciting time for you and your family.  Still, not all dogs are created equal, and there are numerous things to consider before rushing into purchasing your next pooch.  Several different factors come into play when […]

Ways to Bond with Your Daughter this Summer

  Graduation is an exciting time in your family’s life. For you as a mother, however, it can also be a nerve –wracking experience. Graduation is the event when all the sudden you realize your child will be moving away; whether it’s off to college or into the real world, you’ll be forced to let […]

Cheap Restaurant Outings With Kids

  Too many restaurant outings can definitely put a dent in your budget, especially if you go out with the entire family. These tips will allow you to maintain your budget and have fun with some cheap restaurant outings with your kids! Only With a Coupon Coupons aren’t just for groceries anymore. A variety of […]