UPS My Choice – Making Deliveries So Much Easier

        Just because Christmas was last week, does not mean the holidays are over. There is still plenty of time to get your gifts out, even the week after Christmas.  I do almost all of my shopping online and I’m always looking for a great deal and thanks to UPS-My Choice…I always […]

Huggies, Wal-Mart & You Partner Together

  Thanksgiving has passed us by but we should still take the time to remain thankful. Christmas is in a few weeks and I think it’s a great time to help those who are in need. Many of us still have children in diapers. Many of us also know a military family who might have […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Study Habits

    If you’re that rare parent that has children who are not only willing to study and do homework each night, but they do so on heir own, without any help or encouragement on your part, then you should come back to this article in a few years when your kids starts rebelling.  For […]

Gifts for Dad: Red Envelope $50 Gift Code Giveaway

    By now, many of you may had started your search for the perfect Father’s Day Gift.  When searching for a gift for the man in your life, that process may not always be an easy one.  Sometimes it involves reading your partner and knowing what exactly it is they like.   With the help of RedEnvelope, that […]

7 Reasons to Create a College Fund for Your Kids Now

        Even if your kids are still in diapers, the realities of the cost of a college education will be upon you before you know it.  Eighteen years will go by in a flash and you’ll be facing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to secure a higher education […]

Relaxing Sunday: Enjoying The View

  Sundays are my days to relax and unwwind after a long stressful week.   Wheter it be time spent alone or in the company fo my family,  it is a day of pure realaxation.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that finding ways to relax is just one key to enjoying all that life has […]

Featured Diva of the Week…Jessi from Jabbering Jessi

**Name:  Jessi   Blog:   To help us get a better idea of your personality, please describe yourself in 3 words.  Fun, talkative, easy-going  What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with its name? Jabbering Jessi, because I love to talk a lot and my first name is Jessi it […]

Sleepy’s Tempur-Pedic® Medium Neck Pillow Review

I’ve been suffering from a sore stiff neck lately and I couldn’t figure out if it was the way I was sleeping or the worn out pillow I’ve been using.  I’ve been trying to troubleshoot the situation by altering my sleeping style but still no relief.  Recently my husband has had the same complaints.   I […]

Red Envelope $50 Valentine’s Day GC Giveaway

MY!  Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner?  In addition to a few other holidays, V-Day is definitely on top as one of my favorites.  I can’t help it, I’m a hopeless romantic with a sense of humor so for me, Valentine’s Day can be lots of FUN! When showing your […]