Little Black Dress: The Many Ways You Can Wear this One Classic Dress

Do you own just one fabulous black dress, but you wish you had six? Don’t worry about it. You can do a lot more things with that one little black dress than you might know. Because we want you to revel in style without breaking the bank, we’re delighted to share a few new ways […]

So You’ve Finally Found Your Wedding Dress: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry to Match

So, you’ve found the perfect wedding dress. Whether you had it custom made, bought it off the rack at a wedding boutique, or found a sensational deal at a used dress shop, you’re going to want to accessorize your wedding gown beautifully. Too bad choosing the right jewelry to go with a wedding dress isn’t […]

How To Color Up Your Look

Mixing and matching colors could go far beyond the norm. They say that more than three is too much for any outfit, but that’s untrue. There are far too many options to limit yourself. Colors can bring a wonderful edge to any outfit, and there are more ways than one to underline the vivacious personality […]

How To Dress Comfortably But Still Look Sexy

Women feel compelled to look sexy. Sheesh – even the bikini segment of the Miss Universe Pageant involves wearing high heels. Women get their hair done, wear makeup, and feel it’s necessary to stay in shape well into their later years. However, does beauty have to be a seven-day-a-week job? Can’t women look sexy while […]

Why Short Homecoming Dresses Are the Way Forward For Homecoming

Wearing a shorter homecoming dress might just be the new full-length gown when it comes down to the hottest homecoming dress trends for 2016. Find out why sporting the mid-length homecoming dress can be the best decision you make. Nowadays, the conventional long floaty, puffy homecoming dresses are becoming less popular as shorter styles are […]

Tips For Cool Summer Dressing

Summer, glorious summer! Personally, I adore the season – no matter how hot it gets. One of my friends likes to joke that she can get so hot she’d be happy to walk around naked, while I’m totally okay wearing a jersey. After our last girls day out which ended with her almost melting in […]

Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

If you are tired of catching up with the latest trends and trying to figure out what new item to bring home with you, start to reconsider your shopping habits, and start to shop for some classic and timeless clothing. These clothes will be easy to mix and match, and also work for all occasions […]

Finding that One of a Kind Dress for Prom

So much time and planning goes into Prom. It’s the last big event before graduation and you’ve spent hours perusing dress styles, hair ideas and the perfect accessories with your best friends. However, this could present a major fashion faux pas if two of you or worse yet, one of your arch enemies show up […]

Spring Forward into Men’s Fashion this Year with these Pro Tips

Spring is upon us and what better way to commemorate the change of season than to update your work wear wardrobe. Tune up that closet with these fashion tips! Image by Blue Inc via Flickr Savvy fashion conscious men typically have no problem deciding what to wear during the wintertime; however, the spring season can […]