My $10 Office Makeover

  When I was asked to put together an idea, for the new year, using Dollar Tree products…I was excited.  I thought of cute crafts, cheap gift ideas, home decor, DIY…my mind was flooded.  I could make Valentine’s Day gifts, Easter baskets, baby shower gifts, and so much more.  I could do it for cheap, […]

4 Delightful DIY Sugar Scrubs for Super Soft Legs

Are your legs looking a little dull? Not as soft and smooth as they used to be? Well my friends, I have the answer! Surprisingly, it’s not voodoo, snake oil or human sacrifice. It’s something you can make at home with your own two hands! Sugar scrubs are a great way to liven up your […]

Diy Mason Jar Candles

I am a huge fan of small projects that can add a little fun to ordinary objects. Today I’ll be sharing a few quick & easy ways to spruce up a couple of plain mason jars. Mason jars are so versatile that I find myself using them for everything. My newest obsession is candles. These […]

Mustache craft

Hi all! I’m Shannon from Sewing Barefoot and I’m so excited to be a new resident crafter for Cocktails With Mom. Today I will be sharing a fun little afternoon project you can complete while catching up on your HGTV shows.Mustache Stitches After Christmas, my mom was cleaning out some of her decorations and was getting rid […]

How to add interest to a boring white bookcase

I don’t know about you, but I love walking into a room and a bold piece of home decor catches my attention immediately. A well designed room will have a focal point that will draw attention straight to it. It may be a beautiful view, piece of furniture, or even art work. What happens if […]

How to Make Your Own American Flag Denim Shorts

Expressive shorts lately are like the new fashion fever not only in the United States.  Famous celebrities like Rihanna, Ke$ha, Solange Knowles and Kylie Jenner has been spotted on different occasions and places wearing the very stylish and patriotic American Flag Shorts. I am sure you would be excited to get yourself a pair, but […]

9 awesome things to make from a pallet

There’s nothing I love more than a bargain, mix that with crafting and I’m in heaven. A few weeks back we had a pallet delivered with some tiles on and I’ve been trying to decide what to do with it ever since. I’ve seen so many awesome up-cycles that I really can’t decide, but perhaps you […]