Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day should be a day for a special date with a special someone. Don’t settle for the same old gifts and date ideas. Get creative and do something unique for your date.  Suprising your better with unique Valentine’s Day date ideas will make the occasion all the more memorable. Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas […]

6 Easy Date Nights For The Busy Couple

Guest Post by Bryanda of Quirky, Brown Love! After working a long week, it can be hard to commit to a date night every week, but it is important to do so to keep your relationship going strong! When most people think of date night, the first thing that comes to mind is dinner and a […]

“Dating after 35”-Facts, that every woman should know

This post brought to you by EnchantHim. All opinions are 100% mine. This past weekend, I got together with a few of my girlfriends and we began talking about how much more difficult dating can become the older you get. Some of the ladies shared very similar opinions on the topic and in so many […]


A friend of mine passed this on to me and I thought I’d share.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think this sounds about right? 1. Feed him 2. Make love to him 3. Leave him with peace 4. Don’t check his phone (Messages) … 5. Don’t bother him with his daily movements IN OTHER […]