Teaching Your Teen How To Drive

Your teen is approaching the legal driving age in the state. Put in your best effort so that you can equip your teen to drive safely on the road. Take the Initiative and Plan Ahead When your teen is 15 or 16 you can teach them how to drive. Plan where you are going and […]

How to get rid of Pet Smells in Your Car

Pets love riding in the car along with their owners. The unfortunate part is that the car will start smelling a bit after your pet has taken a trip. Removing the pet smell from your car is simple but will require just a little bit of effort. Now that summer is approaching, traveling with dogs […]

4 Simple Steps to Improve your Overall Credit

If you’re every had the desire to make a big purchase, once of the first things you would need to consider checking is your credit score, especially if you have a history of poor credit. It’ is important that you take steps to improve it. Improving the score might take some time but with discipline, […]

Gas Saving Tips

Summer is here again but long gone are the days where you could literally fill up your gas tank for about $10. While you won’t be able to control gas prices, there are a few simple things you can do to control your car’s fuel efficiency. Most of my driving is during the week driving […]

Best Time To Buy A Car

  Have you ever wondered when is the best time to buy a car?  We’ve all been there. You might have to play the waiting  game but with a little patience, carefully choosing when to buy a car you can actually save a lot of money.  That is, of course, you play it just right.  […]

What to Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance

We all know that when you buy a car, you need to have auto insurance. Whether you’ve just bought a car or are looking for a better deal is always best to consider some things beforehand. When purchasing auto insurance, make sure you find coverage that fits your needs. Think about you and your family’s […]

Shop Smart: The Best Time to Buy a Car  

Looking to buy a new car?  Find out the best times to buy.  Read on. I’ve partnered with a car dealership to bring you tips on The Best Time to Buy a Car.   Shop Smart: The Best Time to Buy a Car   There are a lot of factors that play into buying a car, […]

10 Car Essentials for Winter Driving

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, especially if you’re in an area when a fresh layer of fallen snow covers everything. Winter can also be a very dangerous time of the year. If you plan on traveling during the winter, it pays to Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter Driving  including having Winter Car […]

8 Tips for a More Pleasant Car Shopping Experience

So, you’re looking to buy a new vehicle but confused on exactly what type of deal you’ll actually get. The dealer’s website says one thing, the sales guy says another, and before you know it you’re filled with frustration and ready to leave the lot. But wait, not just yet.  To help you out, I’ve […]