12 Crazy, Cool Car Gift Ideas

  Finding the right gift this holiday season for the people you care about is thoughtful. Finding the perfect, unique gift is priceless. Car lovers are a special group of because they usually have all the things they love about their favorite car. However, it’s not impossible to find a gift that the car lover […]

How To Create Your Own Car Emergency Kit in 5 Easy Steps

Getting your car ready for winter can seem like a daunting task. Between all of the snow tire recommendations, the check-ups at the mechanic, and the regular maintenance and cleaning, things can seem overwhelming. However, one of the most important things you can do is put together a car emergency kit. Learning how to create […]

Winter Road trip Checklist

Cold, icy, snowing, blowing winter weather is harsh. Not many people do well in this type of weather, and neither do our cars. It’s always important to be prepared for emergencies during a road trip, but you should also keep in mind how grueling winter weather can be on your car as you travel as […]

How To Survive Thanksgiving Travel

With Thanksgiving being only a few weeks away, it is one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Whether you’re heading across town or out of state for the holiday, get ready for the crowds. From the freeway to store parking lots, Thanksgiving is the busiest weekend so be prepared for a little hustle […]

5 Ways to Give Your Car Some Love

Have you ever heard that when you give your car some love, it actually performs better for you? Maybe you’ve noticed that after you wash it, it just seems to drive much nicer. It’s true. Treating your car with love is the best way to have a dependable car. Here’s what you can do to […]

Back To School: Car Tips For College Bound Students

Back-to-school time can be very busy for students and parents alike. One item that should be on the top of the to-do lists is car care maintenance. Whether they’re attending high school or heading off to college, this can be a great time to have a maintenance check performed to help get your student’s car […]

How to Buy A Used Car – For Your Teen

Your teen just got his or her driver’s license and now it’s time to go car shopping! They know exactly what it is going to look like; model, color, extras. Your kid is excited but as a parent, you may be having mixed emotions. It’s normal to have safety concerns in mind but, there’s the […]

Gas Saving Tips

Summer is here again but long gone are the days where you could literally fill up your gas tank for about $10. While you won’t be able to control gas prices, there are a few simple things you can do to control your car’s fuel efficiency. Most of my driving is during the week driving […]

Driving Around School: Tips for Teen Drivers

School is almost back in session and there will be many students driving their own cars to school this school season.  While that may be exciting, it is also important for students to be mindful when driving around the school’s campus, or even just when parking there. If you have a teen driving to school, […]