Chalk Online Preschool Review

We really embrace technology in this house – in moderation of course – so I was pleased to be able to try out this FREE online preschool curriculum with my son.

DIY Glitter Window Clings

F totally loves crafting with glue these days, so I’ve been looking for ideas that allow him to use a lot of glue. These glitter window clings were the perfect craft for him.

Tree Decorations from Homemade Clay

We had a lot of fun making these festive decorations!

Budsies Review AND Giveaway: Turn Your Kids ArtWork Into Stuffed Animals

 This is a promotional post for Budsies. A promotional product was received in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. I absolutely couldn’t wait to get started on our Budsie. But what are they? Well, Budsies are a company that turns your child’s artwork into a real life stuffed toy. How cool is that? The […]

Craft Stick Photo Puzzles

We really love puzzles in our house at the moment, so I thought I would make a couple of these craft stick puzzles to send to my son’s cousins.

Mesh Fruit Bag Painting

I’ve been thinking for a long time that I could use those mesh bags that fruit comes in for some sort of craft. Finally I hit on the idea of using them for painting.  

Giveaway: touchTAB from Encyclopedia Britannica Kids

This is a promotional post for Encyclopædia Britannica®, in partnership with Tek Nēk Toys, Inc.  All opinions are my own.  I was lucky enough to receive a touchTAB for review this week. It is an interactive learning system from Encyclopedia Britannica. I remember having a set of encyclopedia books as a child – to have […]

Introducing VitaFrute!

This is a promotional post for VeeV. All opinions are my own.  In association with Klout I was lucky enough to receive two bottles of Veev VitaFrute. These new pre-mixed alcoholic cocktails are organic, all natural, and only 125 calories per a 3 oz serving. VitaFrute is available in the following varieties: Margarita Lemonade Cosmopolitan […]

Personalized Soap Bottle

I thought it would be fun for my son to have his own hand soap bottle – decorated with his favorite train!