Who Am I?

Since this is Cocktails With Mom, I thought that maybe I should sit back, relax, relate, release and grab myself a cocktail. After such a long day, I think I deserve one – so why not join me. I want to get to know you and you to know me.

Most of you already know that I’m a Mother, a job I take very seriously. I am also a wife to a man who absolutely adores me:). I always say, whats not to adore. But yes…I have three men in my life and I am well taken care of. Although the focus of my blog is about Moms, there may also be the occassional mention of the guys in my life. I’ve decided not to reveal their true names so in the rare occassion I do share a story, they will be referred to as Charmer and Smiles.

Charmer is the 10 year old and the name speaks for itself. He is such the handful. All I can say is mothers beware. And Smiles, my baby, he’s 7 and has this smile to die for. He will absolutely melt your heart and drop you to your knees. These are my babies and I adsolutely adore them. And then there’s “The Man”, what more can I say? If you decide to hang around, I’m sure you will get to know them better.

As for me, you can call me Dee. If you know anything about me, you will know I enjoy a good laugh. I ocassionally get the giggles and can not stop. That’s just the goofy side of me so I guess you can say I have a sense of humor. This blogging thing, I’m just dabbing into and hope it has it rewards. I like to meet people and to network. I’m currently a WAHM and really enjoy the flexibility. I have a friend of mine named Marilyn to thank for introducing me to the world of WAH so Thank You Marilyn!!!

I’m going to stop here for now – don’t want to bore you in just one post, so stick around as there is much more babbling I have to do.

Thanks for stopping By!