Teaching Your Teen How To Drive

Your teen is approaching the legal driving age in the state. Put in your best effort so that you can equip your teen to drive safely on the road.

Take the Initiative and Plan Ahead

When your teen is 15 or 16 you can teach them how to drive. Plan where you are going and how you intend to teach them. Coach them the basics of driving. Teach them the rules of driving safely on the road.

Start Slow and Appreciate.

Start slow and praise the good performance. Make them comfortable and correct them with a calm and patient voice. Don’t lose your patience or get upset if the teen is overly anxious.

Start giving them driving lessons in an area with less traffic. As they gain the confidence you can move to an area with more traffic. Don’t rush through the process. Always teach in good weather and daylight.

Be Realistic

Don’t expect your teen to become an expert driver immediately. It can take multiple sessions for the teen to gain confidence and become comfortable.

Essential Skills

Before you start the driving lessons, demonstrate how to wear the seat belt and adjust the seats and mirrors. A safe and reliable vehicle will also be important. Teach them about the controls and features of the car. The teen will be able to learn how each control and features work.

Let the teen get the feel of the car. Ask them to pay attention to the surroundings where they drive. Teach them how to speed, turn and accelerate in a smooth manner.

Mastering the basis and learning how to drive safely on the road requires a lot of practice. Expose your teen to different driving conditions and levels of traffic. Before you let them drive, you need to teach them about the rules they need to follow when driving.

Give them time to practice and learn to drive safely on the road.

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