Tips To Prolong Your Cars Life

All car owners would love to prolong their cars life. With rising cost, the last thing that you want is a car break down. Protect your investment with these simple and effective tips.


  • Drive Carefully Every Day

Drive with care every day and the rewards will be plentiful. Accelerate slowly and avoid racing the car’s engine when you start up. Shift to neutral at the red signal. The engine and transmission come under less strain when you shift to neutral.

When it is very hot or cold outside, avoid driving at high speeds. Accelerating quickly and driving at high speeds can lead to frequent repairs.

  • Extend Life of Tires

Fast starts, stops, and turns can stress the tires. Avoid objects and potholes on the road. Avoid running over curbs or hitting the tires against the curb when parking.

Check air pressure and inspect the treads of the tires at regular intervals. Inflate the tires to the right pressure. Fuel efficiency and safety are improved when you drive on a good set of tires. Rotate tires from front to rear and right to left to extend their life.

  • Oil and Fluid Checkup and Change

Oil lubricates parts of the engine. This enables it to work in an efficient manner. Change engine oil every 3,000 miles. The other fluids that require regular inspection and replacement include brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Check for leaks. If you find any leaks, get it fixed immediately.

  • Clean the Filters

Filters keep the engine clean by keeping dust and dirt out. Oil and fuel filters keep the sediments out. Clean the filters to ensure that they work efficiently.

Read the owner’s manual to learn more about how to prolong the life of your car. A well-maintained car not just lasts longer but can also help save money.

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