How To Protect Your Car From Spring Pollen

The spring season poses its own unique challenges and inconveniences to car owners. In early spring, the blooming trees coat your car with pollen. If you don’t clean and protect your car, pollen can damage the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle.

Wash Thoroughly

Pollen is so small that it can get in every nook and corner of your car. Wash in a thorough manner to get rid of all the pollen that has accumulated on your car. It can take a few extra washes to completely get rid of it and ensure your car is in a better condition.

Protective Layer of Wax

Add a protective layer of wax to ensure that the pollen doesn’t stick to your car. The wax can also help your car look new and shiny.

Clean Wiper Blades

Pollen tends to build-up on the wiper blades each time you rinse and wash the windshields. Clean the wiper blades with a clean towel to remove all traces of the pollen.

Check Engine Filter

The engine filter accumulates all debris, dust, and pollen. This keeps the engine safe and protected. If the filter is clogged, it can reduce fuel economy. Check the engine filter and remove all pollen if you want a stress free start this spring.

Clean Interior Cabin Filter

The cabin filter keeps the car air clean. This makes it easy to breathe, especially if you have allergies. Clean the cabin filter at regular intervals. Keep the windows closed after cleaning so that the pollen doesn’t get back into your car interiors.

Avoid waiting until the end of pollen season to clean your car. Accumulated pollen can cause considerable damage to the paint of your vehicle. Pollen oxidation can damage the car exteriors. Keeping the car clean and well maintained ensures a safe drive on the road.

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