How to get rid of Pet Smells in Your Car

Pets love riding in the car along with their owners. The unfortunate part is that the car will start smelling a bit after your pet has taken a trip.

Removing the pet smell from your car is simple but will require just a little bit of effort. Now that summer is approaching, traveling with dogs in cars will become more frequently; so is that smell of wet dog. The wet dog smell isn’t one that most people enjoy, so rather than avoid car travel with your dog, try these ideas and techniques for preventing and treating wet dog smell. I personally prefer the new car smell but if you’re not able to get a new car just yet, these tips would be just as helpful.

Vacuum the Car Interiors

Vacuum, not just the area where the pet lies down but the entire interiors of the car. If you drive with the windows open, the pet hair will have spread all over the vehicle. This can contribute to the bad smell.

A handheld vacuum cleaner provides greater flexibility. This can help you reach even hard to reach places in the car. Be careful when cleaning the dashboard, so that you don’t damage anything. Vacuum on a regular basis.

Wash Everything

Anything that can be removed needs to be washed. This includes the car seat covers, blankets, and rubber mats. Use a mild detergent to remove all stains. Scrub the surfaces of the car with a cleaning spray.

When washing the interior parts of the car use a cool temperature. Read the label before washing any removable part of the interiors. Follow the special instructions that have been specified.

Get Rid of Urine Stains

Odor caused by urine can leave a lingering unpleasant smell. If your pet had passed urine in the car, you need to address it immediately.

Place paper towels to soak and absorb the urine. Use a wet vacuum to remove the stains. Allow the spot to dry and remove the stains with a cleaner.

Homemade Pet Smell Remover

Lingering smell can be removed by placing a bowl of baking soda. Place the baking soda overnight in the car. The car will smell fresh in the morning. Vinegar can also be used to neutralize the smell.

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