Best Practices for Driving in A School Zone

School zones ensure the safety of children in and around schools. As a driver, you are responsible for following the rules and regulations of driving in a school zone.

What is a school zone?

A school zone is an area near the school. The zones have designated special signs with reduced speed limits.


Rules for Driving in and Around School Zones


Be Aware of Designated School Zones

The most important rule about driving in school zones is that you need to be aware of them. Look for the numerous flashing lights, warning signs and speed bumps. All these things indicate that you are approaching a school zone.

Reduce Speed 

Reduce speed limit sign is one of the warning signs that precede the school zone. The speed limit can be from 10 – 15 miles per hour. Pay attention to the signs so that you can reduce the speed, as you approach the school.

Expect Increased Traffic

Between seven and nine in the morning and two and four in the afternoon expect increased traffic in and around school zones. It is advisable to drive slowly and carefully to keep kids and parents safe during these times.

Lookout for School Buses

School buses have a difficult time navigating traffic during school hours. Give right of way to buses at all times. When driving through a school zone, look out for children waiting on the curb for their buses in the morning. Watch out for children being dropped off at their homes in the afternoon .

Obey Traffic Officers and Crossing Guards

The crosswalks in school zones are controlled by traffic officers and crossing guards. They have the legal authority to stop traffic so that children and parents can cross the road in a safe manner.

If you break traffic rules in school zones, you may have to pay a heavy fine. Pay attention when driving so that you ensure safety on the road.  In the market for a new or used vehicle, be sure to check out Redman Toll of Jenkinton our partners in this post .

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