Everyday Habits to Help Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

Do you know that a vehicle break-in happens every 10 seconds? In most instances the vehicle break-in happens because you provide the thieves an opportunity to do so. Simple everyday habits can go a long way in preventing this.

Close the Windows and Lock the Doors Properly

A simple habit of closing all the windows and locking the doors properly can go a long way in preventing a vehicle break-in. Don’t make it easy for the burglar to gain access to your car. Each time you park your vehicle, double check to ensure that the doors and windows are properly closed.

Avoid Leaving the Car Running

Most car owners make the mistake of leaving their car running as they complete a small errand. This makes it easy for the burglar to get access to the unattended vehicle. All that they need to do is to get in and drive away with your dream car.

One of the important things you need to know is that it is illegal to keep the car running when you are away from it. Shut down the car and keep it closed if you are not near it.

Install Anti-Theft Systems

Install an ignition cut off system or a window alarm or steering wheel lock or audible alarms or GPS tracking to keep your vehicle safe. The anti-theft systems will make the thief work harder to get access to your vehicle. They are most likely to get caught as they tamper with the security systems. Some cars, now come equipped with anti-theft systems, you can get more information from neighborhood car dealership when looks at a new or used vehicle.

Park the Vehicle in Well Lit Areas

Always park your car in a spot that is well lit and attracts a lot of traffic. Thieves are most likely to target a vehicle that is parked in a secluded area with bad lighting.

The simple everyday tips can help prevent vehicle break-in and keep it safe.

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