5 Things You Should Never Do While Driving

Before you get behind the wheel of  vehicle, there are definitely some things you should not do.  Driving a motor vehicle on the road can be dangerous if you are not attentive. Each year hundreds of people lose their lives or get severely injured when driving. This is because they don’t pay attention to what is happening on the road and indulge in activities that can be life threatening. This post is brought to you by Len Stoler Dodge Chrysler Jeep, our partners in this post, encouraging you to stay safe while on the road.

Texting or Surfing the Web when Driving

Updating your Facebook status or sharing a photo online or texting are some of the worst things you can do when driving. All these activities take your attention off the road and this can result in dangerous consequences.

When all your attention is on the small screen in your hand, you will not see the kid crossing the street or the car in front of you. It is best to leave your phone in the bag or purse, so that you can focus on driving.

Drink Alcohol and Drive

Consumption of alcohol can numb your senses and this can affect your judgement and motor skills. Avoid drinking when you are driving. If you are drunk, it is best to get a friend or colleague to drop you home.

Apply Makeup

Applying lipstick or putting on eyeliner can take your attention off the road. When your attention is diverted, you don’t focus on the upcoming danger and this can land you in trouble. Apply makeup before getting into the car.

Driving when Tired

Avoid driving when you are tired or feeling drowsy. You will be surprised to know that many people fall asleep on the wheel when driving and this can be extremely dangerous.

Lean over to reach something.

Something drops on the floorboard, you reach for a piece of gum out of your purse that’s sitting on the backseat, or feel the need to go through the glovebox while driving. Reaching so far to grab something that you lose sight of the vehicle’s surroundings is as bad of a practice of texting while driving. Don’t do it.

Please Drive Safe!



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