Ways That Your Kid Can Benefit From Having a Pet Dog

If you’re a mom, there’s a chance you’ve heard it 100 times: your kid wants a puppy. However, you may have been hesitant to get your child a dog. After all, there’s a good chance that if you get your child a puppy, your child will end up playing with the pet and having a great time with it but leaving all of the work to you. Before you say no to a dog, though, there are some benefits to having a pet that you should consider. There are several ways that your child can benefit from having a pet dog around and here are some of the best.

Learning Responsibility
You can make taking care of your dog a serious chore for your child, and let your child know that the dog will not be able to stay in the home if he is not able to take care of him. Set doable chores for your child, such as feeding the dog, walking him and brushing him. If you have a teenager who can drive, consider assigning them more serious chores, like taking your dog to the vet regularly to get preventative treatments like bravecto flea and tick, which ward off fleas and ticks. By showing your kid that you’re serious about them taking on the responsibility, and making arrangements to bring your dog somewhere else to live if the chores aren’t done (a family friend willing to foster, a no-kill shelter who can re-home the dog), you can teach your kid about how to be accountable and responsible.

Feeling Happier
Studies have shown that having a dog around can naturally boost a person’s mood. If you have a moody child, one prone to depression, or one you just want to see happy, then get him a dog. You’ll probably see a quick boost in his disposition.

Feeling Supported
Young children often report that they turn to their pet as a source of emotional support in trying times. If your child doesn’t have a sibling (or one that he is close to), a pet can serve as a shoulder to lean on when a child has a challenge to overcome.

Becoming More Active
If your child gets a dog, he will naturally become more active. He will walk the dog, play fetch with him, and even chase him around the house or yard. For that reason, pet dogs can help children become more active and healthy. If you have a child who is a bookworm or who really likes video games and television, a pet dog might be the perfect recipe for encouraging exercise and regular movement.

Improving Immunity
Studies have shown that children who have pet dogs early in life have a better immune system than those who don’t. Get your little kid a pet dog, and you may stop him from getting sick later in his life.

If your child asks you for a pet dog, you may jump to say no. However, with some careful consideration, you may realize that your kid can greatly benefit from having a pup around. Communicate all of the responsibilities that having a dog entails and what will be expected of your child, and if he or she is on board for the ride, then consider adopting or buying a brand new furry friend.

Lannie, writer for Allivet. Allivet provides affordable pet supplies and pet medications, all of which can be purchased online.

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