How to Clean the Interiors of Your Car?

Car interiors can get dirty, especially if you have kids and pets. Keeping the interiors of your car is important for value and maintenance. Regular cleaning can extend the life of the leather and vinyl components. If you have too much of debris or dirt on the floor or dashboard, it can affect your driving.

Before you start the cleaning process, it is best to remove all stuff that can get in the way of a complete clean. Books, magazines, toys, paper items, water bottles, gym bags and other similar items need to be removed.   Along with keep your vehicle properly serviced under the hood, keeping the interiors  maintained is just as important.  Here are some tips to help you keep things tidy. 

Vacuum Dirt and Debris

Use the vacuum to pick up lose dirt. Lift the carpet floor mats so that you can remove any dirt underneath it. Vacuum the carpeted surfaces and seats.

Cleaning Central Console

Use a glass or household cleaner and clean rags to clean the center console, steering wheel and dashboard area. Using a damp rag cloth clean all the buttons on the dashboard. This can help remove any dust or grime that has accumulated on the dashboard. An old toothbrush with soft bristles can be used to clean tough to reach spots on the console and interior doors.

Cleaning Leather Seats

If your car has leather seats they need to be cleaned and conditioned properly. This can help prevent cracks and tears and keep the leather seats supple and well moisturized.

Cleaning Windows

It is advisable to clean the windows last. Spray window cleaner on a microfiber cloth to remove stains. Use a circular motion when cleaning.

After you have completed the cleaning process, inspect the interiors. Put everything back in place and air out the interiors. Air fresheners can be used to remove any smoke or other odors.

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