Keeping the Smiles on their Faces: Helping Your Kids Enjoy Their Vacation

The entire gang is coming on this vacation. While the kids are younger, they are old enough to go onsite with you. However, some effort and premeditation are necessary. Here’s how to take the kids on one of their earlier vacations while keeping a smile on their faces.


Budget Enough Time

Kids require much attention and care. For example, the common business traveler can probably get away with whizzing through the airport but it’s a lot harder for mom and dad to do the same. Likewise, it’s easy for a couple to go to a restaurant, wait for a table, have a meal, and get out. As moms and dads know, going out to eat with kids is not as seamless as compared to the days without the little ones.

Book Well Ahead

You want to make the trip as comfortable as possible for the kids. Therefore, you may want to book flights, rooms, and activities well ahead of time to ensure you get priority. For example, the kids may prefer to sit by the window on the plane. Likewise, you may want to book a suite at the hotel to ensure comfort and enough room for all family members. See what’s available at the Marriott Waterfront Baltimore.

Put The Kids in Charge

Kids like being involved and feeling like adults. Therefore, assign your children mini jobs during the vacation. For example, those who are a little older and can work a camera can be the family vacation social media manager, the one who takes pictures and uploads them to Facebook, etc. Other children could be in charge of keeping time and ensuring the family sticks to the itinerary.

Consider Renting a Car

Cities present plenty of public transportation options but you may want to consider renting a family-sized car. That way, you don’t have to feel the stress of traveling on a bus or train with youngsters. Plus, be practical as to how much public transportation the kids can take in one day. If it was a long flight, take it easy on the kids and allow them to relax in a family SUV.

Locate Your Child

A parent’s worst nightmare is to be preoccupied for a few seconds only to turn around to find their child has gone missing. It takes just a few seconds for a child to wander off and get lost in a crowd. Some parents have invested in a child locator gadget. For example, the child wears an anklet or bracelet that sounds an alarm if they go missing.

Always Have an Alternate Plan

In a perfect world, family vacations run like a Swiss clock. In reality, smart parents always have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, moody children, or some other unforeseen bump in the road. Don’t be impractical and assume each component of the family vacation will go as planned.

Keep All Passports Updated

Kid passports need renewal sooner than those for adults. Plus, save yourself the trouble and awe from finding out how much it costs to get an immediate passport. You’ll need (at least) four weeks to renew passports.

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