Don’t look for a coffee companion while losing weight

If you just have coffee when you meet a friend, you are probably unaware of the popularity coffee for weight loss, especially the Green coffee. It is the same coffee bean of your regular coffee which is not roasted. If you didn’t know, coffee’s taste and flavor potential is held within this green seed. The most important type of green coffee is the Arabic coffee, which contains what is known as chlorogenic acid.

This is the star element for which coffee has been used for the purpose of weight loss, but unfortunately, roasting coffee loses 70 percent of this acid and thereby, loses its ability to reduce weight.

The Weight Watchers Winning Points

Remember the Chlorogenic acid which we talked about above? It contributes in controlling blood sugar levels when consuming carbohydrates, thus, in the rate of absorption of carbohydrates by the body which leads to a higher consumption of fat for energy production, thereby, reducing the rate of fat stored inside the body. In addition to weight loss, green coffee is considered an anti-oxidant that may contribute to the prevention of diseases. A study carried out in 2012 proved its effectiveness and safety for diabetic patients.

Evaluate the efficacy of your green coffee product

There are now many products in the green coffee market and the Internet, which has led to an increasing confusion about which product is better. To find out the best of these products, you should look for the active ingredient, Chlorogenic acid. The efficiency of the coffee produce is also evaluated depending on the percentage of the active substance it contains.

There are many products in the market that contain a small percentage of this active substance and are thus, ineffective. The 400mg pills can be containing 50 percent chlorogenic acid which is considered as highest quality green coffee bean extract available. Consumption should not exceed 1200 mg for 12 weeks, in case of which you should stop consuming the product for two months and then start again.

Preparing yourself before using green coffee

Green coffee is natural and could be safe, but first things first you should consult your doctor before starting. Most importantly, diabetic patients must notify the doctor about their use of green coffee as it contributes in reducing the level of sugar and, therefore, may require a change in medication or insulin dosage. Also, patients with blood pressure or heart disease must always pay more attention to their pressure, as green coffee contains a percentage of caffeine, which may affect blood pressure.

The essential thing to do to reach the ideal weight and maintain it starts by the adoption of a healthy diet, in addition to medicines, herbs and natural recipes used only as a supplement. Green Arabic coffee is one type of beverage which has made this easier. The key is to moderate your overall coffee intake and to limit fattening additives. As marketers have started to learn about these weight loss benefits of Green coffee, we can find it being used either in the form of pills to be consumed half an hour before meals or as Natural Skinny Coffee prepared as usual.


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