6 Tips On Test Driving A New Car

Have you ever test driven a car before purchasing a new car?  I have, and it it highly recommended.  Test driving a new car enables you to see how the vehicle performs and whether you are satisfied with the acceleration, braking, steering and handling, ride comfort, visibility, ride comfort and suspension. In general, how I feel behind the wheel plays a big part for me in deciding if it’s the car for me.   Looking to buy soon?  Read our tips on test driving a new car so that you are able to make an informed decision.

  • Ride Comfort and Suspension

Check the ride comfort by going over a stretch of imperfect pavements. Cars with good suspensions can help withstand the pavement flaws and isolate them from the vehicle’s occupants.

If the suspension is not good it can cause jittery side to side or up and down motions. If the ride doesn’t feel comfortable you should avoid buying the vehicle. It is always advisable to take a passenger along with you so that you can take their feedback.

  • Acceleration and Braking

Good acceleration depends on engine power and transmission. A good engine always performs well with a well-designed transmission. Check for acceleration by driving on the freeway, highway or climbing up a steep hill.

Pay attention to how the brakes respond to soft and forceful braking. The test drive can also enable you to check the powertrain.

  • Steering and Handling

Do you feel easy and in control during turns? A good steering system will tell you what the wheels are doing on the road. Track how the car responds when driving straight ahead and to quick manoeuvres.

One of the important things that you need to know is that the test drive rules are unique to each dealership. It is advisable to learn about them, so that you can take the new car of your choice for a test drive and make a good choice.

Even though choosing a new car can be exciting you need to avoid taking a quick decision. Buy the vehicle only if it feels right after the test drive and matches your specific needs and requirements.

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