So You’ve Finally Found Your Wedding Dress: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry to Match

So, you’ve found the perfect wedding dress. Whether you had it custom made, bought it off the rack at a wedding boutique, or found a sensational deal at a used dress shop, you’re going to want to accessorize your wedding gown beautifully. Too bad choosing the right jewelry to go with a wedding dress isn’t always a simple task. It’ll be easier, once you know a few tips about matching jewelry to a wedding dress.

Notice the neckline

The first step to choosing ideal wedding jewelry is to take a look at the neckline of the gown. A strapless gown works with one sort of jewelry, a sweetheart neckline works with another. With a strapless gown, you’ve got lots of pretty exposed skin to provide the perfect palette for your wedding jewels. Go elegant and bold, recommends Mountz Jewelers. A sparkly diamond necklace with plentiful precious stones is just right, provided the necklace fills the space between your neck and your collarbone. Simple diamond studs or simple diamond drop earrings are a good choice to pair with a frankly fabulous necklace.

If your wedding dress sports a halter style neckline, you might want to skip a necklace entirely and focus on a pair of darling and dramatic earrings. Go for a chandelier style that hangs from your lobes to just above your shoulders. The look will be lovely without piling on too much sparkle.

Work with the color of your gown, not against it

When selecting jewelry pieces to pair with your once-in-a-lifetime dress, keep it simple, elegant and understated. With a champagne colored wedding gown, choose metallic jewelry in any tone. Silver, gold, white gold and pink gold all work wonderfully with champagne silk. Candlelight-white gowns look great with yellow gold and amber jewelry. Ivory white dresses with subtle pink undertones look fabulous with rosy gold and any sort of gemstone.

Savvy shopping

Finding the right dress may take awhile, so start your shopping well in advance of your nuptials. Brides on tight budgets find first-class wedding gowns for amazingly low prices when they browse bargain dress sites such as PreOwned Wedding Gowns. Here you find hundreds of gowns in various styles to choose from. Save money on your dress, and you’ll have more to spend on your honeymoon.

When you wear an antique wedding dress, be sure to highlight it with period pieces that fit the era in which the dress was designed. Victorian style, high-collar wedding dresses require very little embellishment. Opt for a pair of simple pearl earrings to complete the old-timey, romantic look. Consider wearing jewels in your hair instead of around your neck. Pile your hair up Gibson Girl style and glide down the aisle in utter grandeur.

When it comes to wedding jewelry, less can be a whole lot more. Opt for a couple of key pieces and let your wedding dress and your smiling face take center stage.

Mia Black has been on hand to help a few of her friends plan their very special day and has learned some tips along the way that she now shares with an online audience.

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